How to split a personal account

You will need
  • Passport, documents of title to the apartment
If the order of use in your apartment is actually fixed and is not contested by any of the parties, reflect your agreement on the use of the apartment in writing. This document is officially certified by a notary. In this case, the personal presence of all adult co-owners of a dwelling or their legal representatives is necessary.
If there is no agreement between the owners of the apartment on how to use the living space, go to court. Make a claim in which indicate your claims and rights to this apartment. Describe the composition of your family and present the desired procedure for using this room. Apply to the district court, attach to it a paid receipt for the state fee and your title documents for the apartment. In the absence of a violation of the rights of others, the court will approve your procedure for use.
The court decision or a voluntarily signed co-owners agreement, certified by a notary, take to the managing organization (MA) that services your home.Write in the same place a statement on the section of facialscores on utility payments. Describe the size of your share in the apartment and the number of parts into which the face is to be divided.score. In addition to the document on the order of use, submit to the MA your title documents for the apartment.
The management organization will lead several individuals.scoreov on service of your apartment.