How to shrink lips?

Natalya Vavilova
Natalya Vavilova
February 8, 2013
How to shrink lips?

Some girls don't like anything in their appearance. Some do not like eyes, nose, and someone does not like the figure. Of course, every person has their own charm and it is not always necessary to change something in appearance. However, such a belief does not affect everyone. Therefore, it is sometimes better to solve a problem than to live with constant dissatisfaction with yourself.

A beautiful mouth and plump lips have always been considered a virtue, only now it seems to some that their excessive volume spoils the smile. How to shrink lips? There are several ways to get rid of the problem.

How to visually reduce lips

  • Apply to face and lips tone. Distribute neatly and evenly. Powder necessarily. Now, very carefully draw the border of the lips with a pencil that does not differ in color from lipstick. It is allowed to use a pencil for lips on a tone darker than lipstick. Now make up your lips with lipstick.
  • Use lipstick darker, then lips will appear smaller.
  • You nacre is contraindicated! Choose a matte lipstick.
  • No need to draw the corners of the lips.Skillful ladies even learned how to powder or gloss over them with foundation.
  • If you do not want to reduce the lips "roughly" with the help of foundation, make it thinner, more inconspicuous. Again, use a contour pencil, circling their lips at their inner boundary. Then use two shades of uniform lipstick - darker and lighter. Light lipstick, apply closer to the edges of the lips, dark - in the center. Blend with a brush to blur the color of the border.

This method has undeniable disadvantages. To look presentable, you will need to constantly apply cosmetics. And what happens when lipstick gets worn out?

How to shrink lips radically

The second method is more rigid, however, and more effective. We are talking about plastic lips. Recall that there are times when lip reduction is shown and is very desirable. For example, the effects of injury.

Plastic surgeons note that lip-reduction surgery is simple, lasts only an hour. It is believed that the recovery time after it should not exceed a week, and the effect persists forever. This can be considered a disadvantage. The fact is that a girl can later change her mind and find out that thin lips spoil her appearance.

Of course, the methods of this intervention are different.It all depends on how much the lips should be reduced and on the anatomical features of the patient.

After surgery, you may experience difficulties with eating, numbness may not disappear for some time. However, these difficulties are short-lived, and soon the patient will forget about them.

We talked about several ways to reduce lips. However, we urge you to think carefully before deciding on a surgical intervention, because the consequences are irreversible.