How to set up satellite channels?

In the modern world, satellite television has found widespread use. Therefore, many are interested in the question of how to set up satellite TV channels. Of all the variety of satellites, the most popular one, perhaps, is Yamal 202. This popularity is due to the fact that most of the channels that are received from this satellite are publicly available. Settings of the antenna on it can be made without the help of a specialist.

Satellite antenna setup

For this you will need;

  • compass to determine where the south is;
  • satellite tuner.

Many are primarily interested in the question of whether it is possible independently, and, if so, how to tune the channels. Satellite dish must be installed on the wall, roof or in the yard. From the southern direction, tall trees or tall buildings should not interfere with plate reception. If tuning to other satellites that broadcast paid coded channels will not be made, then an inexpensive FTA receiver will be suitable for channels that are publicly available.

Since on the Yamal 202 satellite most of the channels, there are more than 50 of them, are on the C-band, the converter should use this particular band. The 49 degrees east longitude is the coordinates of the satellite's location in orbit, and accordingly, in most regions, the antenna must be rotated directly to the south.

Ideally, the setting should be done with the help of professional instruments, but they are quite expensive, so it is not forbidden to use cheaper analogues. They will assist in setting up the satellite, notifying about this with an audible or visual signal. If there are no such devices, you can use a compass to adjust. Determine the degree of direction to the south, you can use online resources.

The receiver connected to the TV and the converter must be connected with a coaxial cable before setting the signal. Make sure the converter is facing south. To do this, you need to deploy the antenna in the right direction. Using the receiver's menu, you need to find the antenna setup, and select the Yamal satellite - 202 in the list. In the list of transponders, select the frequency which is 3982 L 4285. The best channel package on this transponder.

The data on the receiver is displayed using two scales: one shows the signal level, the other shows its quality. Next, you need to turn the antenna to the left, and then, moving it to the right, to achieve the maximum level on the signal scale. After that, start moving the antenna smoothly up or down, achieving the maximum level and on the quality scale. Even higher signal quality can be achieved by turning the converter from left to right. At the end of the installation, you should scan the receiver using “Blind search” and save the data.

Tuning channels on the receiver

Let's look at how to set up free satellite channels on a receiver connected to a TV. To receive a television signal, there is a special equipment, satellite receivers. To tune channels, the receiver needs to be connected to the TV and to the antenna. On the back are all the ports. Antenna cable connects to LNB in ​​or IF Input. TV - to port SCART or RF Out.

Tuning channels. Sometimes the channels in the receiver’s memory are already on, and when the antenna or TV is properly connected, TV shows will start immediately. If there is a message on the screen about the absence of a signal, this means that the TV is connected correctly, but you will have to tune the channels yourself.

Using the remote control and the corresponding button to display the menu on the screen. Find the desired menu item. It can have different names, for example: "Edit", "Basic Settings", "Search", "Information". Customize language and other basic settings. If necessary, enter the PIN. First select "Automatic search" channels. At the end of it, press "Ok" and, choosing channels one by one, set the quality and strength of the signal according to the setting scales.

Setup of channels on the computer

Consider how to set up satellite channels for viewing on a computer.

  • Determine the list of channels most preferred for viewing. Then a list of satellites from which these channels are broadcast. To search for this information, use the Internet.
  • On, view information on selected satellites: beam coverage, signal parameters, data on the absence or presence of encryption.
  • If everything is in order with the house, it is not encrypted and enters the signal zone, you need to purchase equipment: a satellite dish, a DVB-card format S or S2, a Ku or C-band converter, an antenna cable. When purchasing equipment, it is necessary to take into account the fact that the parameters of the signal determine the parameters of the DVB card and the converter.
  • Next, you need to mount satellite equipment, configure it and fix the signal using the program - DVB-card tuner. On the computer, after fixing the signal, install one of the programs used to watch satellite TV, for example, ProgDvb and scan it using a satellite. At the end of the program will create a playlist of channels found.