How to satisfy a husband?

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How to satisfy a husband?

Some women think that the main thing is to remain themselves, then they will truly love them. It may be so, but in bed they play according to different rules. Here you need to be a talented actress, reincarnating from an angel into a demon, a rich, bright, seductive mistress. Then a man will not only become the most loving and romantic, but he will do anything for you. Even a star from the sky will reach. So, how to satisfy a husband in bed?

What he likes

  • Experiments Fill your sex variety, otherwise it will become tedious.
  • Take the initiative, he will appreciate it and quickly excited.
  • Do not be afraid to be a bit vulgar and liberated, a man will perceive this not as indecency on your part, but as confidence in his sexuality.
  • Show him that you enjoy sex, you have great pleasure. Moan, talk as much as you can about intimacy, spending time in each other's arms.
  • Use the rider's pose. Drive him crazy with his movements, smoothly bending with moans.Change poses, throw his legs over his neck, clasp his hips, fantasize.
  • Do not forget about underwear. It should be beautiful and sexy, preferably his favorite color. Perhaps he would like stockings.
  • Give him unspeakable satisfaction with oral sex. Every man loves his wife to satisfy his husband in this way. Your loved one will be delighted.
  • Most likely, your lover is embarrassed to say that he would like to have anal sex with you. He is unlikely to appreciate such a gesture on your part.
  • How to satisfy a husband in sex? With the help of a passionate whisper about feelings, sensations. Whisper in his ear, and he starts up instantly.

Listen to your intuition, she will tell you exactly what your husband will like, because you know him, like no one else and you feel how he reacts to your actions.

Erogenous zones

On his body there are special places, touching which you can bring him the most vivid sensations. Very erogenous lips and tongue. Start with kisses, touch his face, stroke his hair, you can massage his temples. With your fingertips, lightly stroke the neck, gently kiss the nipples.On the chest, a man has a lot of nerve endings.

Engage your nails, run them along the back along the spine, slightly scratching the skin. Between the shoulder blades there is the most sensual zone, if you don’t know how to satisfy your husband, think about this site, kiss him and bite. Well, to bring him to full ecstasy, caress his genitals, they are the most erogenous.

When marriage lasts more than one year, sex becomes not interesting and familiar. But everything is in your hands, you can refresh your feelings with spontaneity. Make love at an unusual time for both of you in an unusual place. You can see in practice how to satisfy a husband. Videos that are full of internet will give you this opportunity.

Do not make the main mistake of many women! Never, under any circumstances, demean his manhood. Don't even joke about this. If you ever say that he has a small or funny penis, he will hate you and himself. This is a very difficult topic for men, the size is more important for them than it may seem at first glance.

Are you ready to do all this for your husband, you decide.Love, give joy and enjoy each other!