How to revenge the abuser?

When someone offends a person, thoughts of revenge immediately creep into his head. Of course, you can wait until the emotions subside, and, perhaps, the desire will pass by itself. But this does not always happen, and most often a person reluctantly thinks about how to take revenge on the offender. Some tips you'll find below.

How to revenge the abuser without breaking the law?

Revenge is necessary without breaking the law, otherwise there will be no good from such acts. So, the easiest way to revenge is to let gossip. Surely in your environment there is a person who can easily spread the news around the world. If you are offended by a friend, you can hint familiar gossip girl that you saw the offender in the arms of a mutual friend. Who would have thought, and built up an exemplary wife. In a few days this story will be filled with incredible details and will be presented to you by an outsider. Perhaps this gossip will come to the ears of her friend's husband, who, most likely, will make her a scandal, and you will be avenged.

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You can also do the occasional offender minor mischief and substitute it at every opportunity. If he is within your reach, then quietly salt him tea or coffee, bring the juice with a laxative. Such petty pranks will amuse you. Learn about your abuser's fears. For example, if he hates rats, mice, spiders, you can throw them at his workplace or in a house, apartment. It is important not to get caught, otherwise the scandal cannot be avoided.

It is very simple to punish the offender-man; it’s enough to let gossip about his unconventional orientation, plus throw him a few gay magazines. After this, the entire male office population will constantly tease him. If you do not work with your abuser, then you can start a similar rumor among mutual friends.

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How to get revenge with magic?

Revenge the offender can help magic. There are quite a few conspiracies, after reading which the one who insulted you will come to obey. Also, a misfortune can happen to an offender, he can get sick or even die. But it’s best to make him feel firsthand that, too, he did.To do this, you need to pronounce the following plot: Go, arrow, with pain, tears, untrodden paths, through his blood, not into the eye, not into the eyebrow, but go straight into the heart. Pinch him and prick him, hit him, take him, punish him, bring him up - my offender (name). Key, lock, Amen.

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Making a plan for revenge, it is important to remember that evil thoughts in your heart will also harm you, especially if magic is involved in this matter. After all, all the evil that you wish for others can easily come back to you as a boomerang. Think about it, perhaps in a few days the emotions will subside, and you will be able to look at the situation with different eyes.