How to return a penalty

First make sure that the fine imposed on you is unreasonable. Read the necessary articles of the law, consult a lawyer who specializes in such cases. Perhaps he will prompt a quicker solution to the problem or he will confirm the validity of the actions when imposing a monetary penalty and convince the futility of the return of the fine. That will save your money and nerves.
Having ascertained that the fine was imposed unlawfully, for example, without compulsory drawing up of a protocol, or its amount does not correspond to the punishment provided for the offense, prove it in court.
If you want to return the amount of the fine due to a traffic violation, file a claim with the district court requesting a refund. Be sure to include in it the articles of the law, which confirm the absence of your guilt. Attach to the suit also copies of the fine order and the payment receipt. It is best to go to the court, which wrote out this penalty.
Give this certificate to the bank where you paid this penalty and get your money back.
Be sure to keep for yourself all copies of receipts, court records, rulings, and any other documents used in the refund process. This can greatly simplify matters and avoid many problems.
The chance to return the money for an unreasonably imposed fine may be greater if you start to act as soon as possible.
Learn the laws. This will make it possible to determine the illegality of the fine imposed before it is paid and to avoid further difficulties associated with its return.