How to remove the rear bumper?

Elena Mikheeva
Elena Mikheeva
January 21, 2013
How to remove the rear bumper?

In our time, the structure of car maintenance is widely developed. The range of their services is very wide, however, as are the prices for these services. But there is always an opportunity to save by doing the most simple repair. In this article we will tell you in detail how to remove the rear bumper of the car.

This will require: a key-ratchet with a cross-shaped bat for loosening hard-to-reach screws, a flat and a cross-head screwdriver, as well as a set of face heads.

How to remove the bumper: step by step instructions

  • It is necessary to disconnect the negative battery cable. After that, disconnect the wiring from the reversing lights and license plate lighting.
  • Before you remove the rear bumper, you must clean the attachment points of dirt. Then loosen two bolts on the left and right sides of your car. After the bolts are loosened, go directly to the removal of the bumper itself.
  • There are some differences when working with the bumper in the sedan and wagon version.Sedan: take out the mat in the luggage compartment. In the station wagon, first remove the rear door trim, then the mat itself.
  • We remove the side trunk lining from the mountings only from the rear.
  • Slightly ottyagivaya side trim to the side, between the rear wing and trim we start the allen key with interchangeable head and cardan and throw it on the bumper mounting bolts.
  • We begin to unscrew the bolts. On all models in the trunk is two hex bolts on both the left and right. After that, you need to unscrew the two screws on the right and left, which connect the bumper and the fender liner.
  • We remove the sides of the bumper from the body brackets. With an effort to push the bumper from the side down and pull it over the top edge of the body. Now you can remove the bumper itself, lifting it over the fenders at both ends.

Install the bumper in reverse order

The sides of the bumper bottom edge are inserted into the brackets on the body. Then you need to push them to the side at the top, so fix the upper mounting points. It is important to keep track of the mounting brackets on the bottom edge of the bumper. Raise the fenders over the ends of the bumper and connect them with mounting bolts.

In the wagon, the height adjustment of the bumper is performed by shifting the bumper mount. The distance between the bumper and the lower side edge of the rear wings should be in the range of 6.5–7.5 millimeters. More detailed and versatile information can be found by clicking on the link.