How to remove pain in the legs

Bodja mix with melted butter until soft gruel. Rub the mixture intosickplace before bed and wrap flannel. Repeat the procedure once. If the pain persists, repeat the rubbing in a week. When rubbed, a burning sensation will appear. Do not use more than once, as the irritable skin irritates the skin.
For 20 minutes, put your feet in turns in basins with cold and warm water. Wipe dry. Sitting, massage your feet, straightening and flexing your fingers. Knead the sole with your knuckles until you feel the heat in your legs. Scatter around small objects - pencils, balls, pebbles and collect with your toes. Stand up and walk barefoot on toes, then on heels, on the back and the outside of the sole and rolling from heel to toe. After a short rest, roll the rubber roller under the soles. Lubricate your feet with cream, rubbing the skin. Lie down a bit on the sofa, lifting your legs and working your feet up and down and rotating them in a circle.
In a cabbage leaf wrap knotweed leaves, scroll through a meat grinder. Distribute thick porridge in cotton socks and put them on. Wrap cellophane bags on top, put on one more warm socks. Procedure do before bedtime. In the morning throw the mixture away. Repeat every other day.
For knee pains, make compresses from boiled potatoes. Cook the potatoes in their skins, drain and mash the potatoes. Apply to fabric and strap around your knees. Wrap to keep warm. Hold until cool. The course is 10 days.
Cook the onion peel in 3 liters of boiling water until the water turns red. Cool a little and keep in this broth until it cools. Do the procedure for the night for 1-2 weeks.
Mix salt, liquid mustard, honey and soda in equal quantities. Rub the knee with this ointment, make a compress of polyethylene, cotton wool and a bandage from above. Do bedtime. Wash off in the morning. The desired effect occurs after about 4 treatments.
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Corporate recipe from the heat in the legs. Boil potato peelings and heat the strained legs in the resulting broth. There you can also drop your hands.
Helpful advice
The heat in the legs is most likely caused by an imbalance in the body, slagging. To stop the disease, you must first do the cleaning of the intestines, liver, blood and lymph. Herbs allow you to treat the entire body at once, and not just individual sores, this circumstance will allow you to choose the right path for treatment.