How to remove a beer belly?

Have you ever heard the expression "beer belly"? Many people think that the reason for its appearance is exclusively a foamy drink, but this is far from the case. The culprits are:

  1. unhealthy diet;
  2. the use of alcohol, including beer;
  3. sedentary lifestyle.

If a beer belly appeared, it does not mean that it will remain forever. We offer to learn how to remove it using different methods.

Diet from beer belly

In the list of reasons at number one is poor nutrition. "Bad" foods contribute to the deposition of fat in the whole body, in the case of a beer belly it is visceral fat, which is dangerous for health. Therefore, to normalize the metabolism, you need to make a special diet. Delete:

  • fatty meat, industrial-made meat products (sausages, sausages, semi-finished products);
  • high-fat dairy products;
  • trans fats (mayonnaise, store baking, margarine, processed cheese);
  • sugar, potatoes, sweets, baking, alcohol.

The following diet shows how to get rid of the beer belly using healthy products:

Breakfast options:

  1. a portion of cereal (oatmeal, barley, corn), any fruit, toast;
  2. Instead of cereal, you can prepare a fruit salad, seasoning it with lemon juice or yogurt;
  3. egg, toast, half a grapefruit;
  4. yogurt, bran bread, honey.

Lunch options:

  1. boiled potatoes, cucumber, a piece of lean beef;
  2. beef liver with vegetables garnish, fresh tomatoes, greens, rye-bread toasts;
  3. omelet with tomatoes, vegetable salad with green peas, grilled fish;

Types of snack:

  1. toast with cheese or ham, green peas;
  2. fruit or yogurt;

Dinner options:

  1. boiled beans, leaf lettuce, a slice of cheese;
  2. chicken or tuna sandwich, green tea;
  3. vegetable soup, cereal toasts;
  4. low-fat fish, any fruit.

Portions should be small. It is better to eat at the same time, chew slowly, in the process of eating do not be distracted by watching TV.

The second item in the list of reasons for the appearance of a beer belly is alcohol. It increases appetite, and a person eats more than you need.

In addition, in the role of snacks all the same beer are chips, crackers, nuts, dried delicacies and other “yummy”, in which more calories than you need. Therefore, if you decide not to give up completely on alcoholic beverages, then use at least another snack.

We remove the beer belly exercises

Exercises designed to remove the beer belly, aimed at training all muscle groups: straight, oblique, transverse.

Exercises for rectus abdominis

  1. Lying on your back, lift your straight legs and pelvis and stay in this position for a few seconds. Repeat 15 times;
  2. in the supine position, fix the legs and lift the upper part of the body, trying not to bend the legs at the knees. Hold for a few seconds, then smoothly return to the starting position. Repeat 15 times.

Exercises for the transverse abdominal muscles

  1. on the exhale, pull the abdomen as far as possible, as if you want to reach the spine, then you need to push out the stomach. Without breathing in, repeat as many times as possible. Take a few approaches;
  2. perform turns in their various variations.

Exercises for oblique abdominal muscles

  1. Raise your legs from a prone position on your side. The number of repetitions 10-15 for each leg, approaches from 3 to 5;
  2. Practice your muscles using the bike. This exercise is performed lying on the floor, alternately bending the raised legs at the knees. Hands behind head, elbows apart. When the legs move to the right knee, the left elbow is sent, and vice versa.

Home treatments and medical preparations

Some, seeking to quickly remove the beer belly, are looking for opportunities to do this with the help of medications. But how not to try, and without an integrated approach, pharmaceutical drugs for weight loss will not bring long-term results. Basically, their effect is aimed at eliminating excess fluid, which does not solve the problem of the formation of fat in the abdomen. Such a diuretic effect has chemical drugs "Oxodolin", "Triamteren", "Etakrinova acid", and funds of the company "Evalar" - a series of "Turboslim". Some take activated charcoal, in the hope of clearing the intestines and thus getting rid of the big belly.

The process can be accelerated if simple homely procedures are used to help with diet and exercise: massage and body wrap. They will help to remove a beer belly, both to the man, and the woman.

The easiest recipe is apple cider vinegar. The vinegar is diluted with water 1: 3, the fabric is moistened with a solution, the problem area is wrapped, a film is wrapped and the insulation is warmed.