How to register a domain?

In order for you to understand everything described in this article, consider the basic concepts, as well as explain their meaning. Well, let's get started!

Domain (also known as the term “domain name”) is a symbol that allows access to the server without entering the ip-address. The main domain name system is called DNS. Domain names were created to facilitate the transition to the site. A collection of domains is often called a domain zone.

Often, the success of any web resource at the initial stage essentially depends on the domain name. Thanks to the sonorous and beautiful domain, most new sites acquire a huge user base and visitors in a short period of time. Domain is one of the main components of the brand on the Internet.

Any webmaster knows the important role of the domain for the site. In order to help all site owners, we will explain all the subtleties of registering any domain.

How to register a domain: highlights

In order to secure the domain for yourself (register it), you need to make a mandatory record of the existence of your chosen domain name, check its “free”,arrange all the necessary documents to ensure that this address was assigned to you.

But before resorting to domain registration, it is necessary to consider two important nuances:

  1. The question of the domain zone. Before registering, you need to decide on the desired domain zone. Do you need a “geographic” domain (.ru, .ua,, etc.) or should you prefer non-commercial domains (.org, .info, etc.)? Such questions should be considered first.
  2. Domain Free At the moment there are a huge number of domains that are beautiful and popular phrases, well-known expressions, etc. If your organization does not have a completely unique name, then surely the eponymous domain name will already be registered to a specific person. You can try to buy out the domain from the owner, having recognized his contacts using services like whois. Unfortunately, the owner sets the price for the domain independently, so it is possible that you will have to overpay for the domain. Another option to purchase an already established domain is specialized auctions.

After solving the above questions, you can finally proceed to registering a domain.

How to register a domain for free

To begin, we will answer the popular question about free domains. It is worth remembering that there are paid and free domains. Often free are second-level domains that are provided under certain conditions. These domains include,, etc. For quick and trouble-free registration, you can use the services of registrars, domain sellers, etc. . Of course, you will incur some waste, but the registration process will increase significantly.

Also, you can often get a beautiful and memorable domain for free from companies that are engaged in hosting. Very often, many hosting companies provide their customers with one or more free domain names as a sign of gratitude for using their services.

How to register domain RU

Most often, this domain is appropriate to choose in the event that you plan to do business in Russia or your main audience are Russians. According to statistics, the .RU zone has the largest number of registrations among all Russian domains. In order to register this domain, first you need to select a registrar. The most profitable will be to use the services of the site you can register as a site owner and apply for the purchase of the desired domain name.

How to register a domain RF

The domain zone of the Russian Federation is quite young. Not only individuals or legal entities, but also residents, as well as non-residents can register a domain in it. For use of the domain by individuals, only a passport is required. Non-residents will have to wait a whole year after registration in order to finally take advantage of the zone.

A distinctive feature of the zone of the Russian Federation is the full support of Cyrillic names. This feature greatly simplifies the search for the site by Russian-speaking people and also makes it difficult for non-Cyrillic foreigners to visit the site. Therefore, a site that uses a domain in the zone of the Russian Federation should be designed completely (or almost completely) for a Russian audience.

In turn, the domain name of the Russian Federation opens up unprecedented opportunities for companies. Now there is no need to distort the name of the company, remove such letters as ъ, ё, etc.

Registration of this domain is completely similar to registration in the RU zone.You go to, register, fill out the necessary application, pay for the domain and enjoy the excellent address for your site.

Advertising, brand, promotion and public relations can work true miracles. Do not ignore their importance and approach the choice of domain with the utmost seriousness. Successes!