How to recover a birth certificate?

Leonid Veselov
Leonid Veselov
July 24, 2012
How to recover a birth certificate?

Not everyone has a relative accountant who sorts the documents of each family member into folders and hides them in a safe cabinet. The first place in filing for the loss of the document is a passport, followed by a birth certificate. How to restore a birth certificate, without facing up to all the city officials?

Through the personnel department

If you work in a large organization with the personnel department, feel free to go there. Most often, the problem can be solved by writing a statement in the form that you prompt. Further, the personnel department should act independently, and you will take a very mediocre part in the process. But this is an ideal situation.

Through the registrar

I live where I was born

If you were born and live in the same city, you will need to visit the local registry office. The procedure for writing a statement will be explained to you on the spot.In addition to writing a statement, you will have to pay a state duty in the amount of 200 rubles, which is mandatory for those who want to restore the birth certificate or marriage registration certificate. As a rule, a person who came for a second document in person, receives it on the day of appeal. But it all depends on the availability of forms and free time at the registrar's office, and you may be asked to leave the telephone for communication.

I moved

In the event that you moved, restoring a lost birth certificate will also not become an unnecessarily complicated procedure. You must also pay the state duty and send a letter to the registry office of the city where you were born. We are now accepting such applications by e-mail. In addition to the application, you must indicate the registry office address nearest to you, where the document will be sent. A written appeal is reviewed within 30 days.

Child's birth certificate

If it is necessary to restore the child’s birth certificate, the application is written by one of the parents or by the guardianship authorities.

The procedure can be simplified by filling out the application form in advance. It can be found on the website of any registry office, where it is most often indicated as Form No. 18. You can also find the requisites for paying the state duty.

If you can not personally deal with the registry office, you will need to issue a power of attorney for your representative. He will be able to submit the application and passport data you have filled out, and will take your certificate at the right time. If you have changed your country of residence, it is likely that you will need additional consultation with a lawyer to clarify whether your power of attorney is valid in another country.

As can be seen from the above tips, it will not take much time or serious paperwork to restore a birth certificate.