How to read mantras?

January 21, 2015
How to read mantras?

Since ancient times, it is believed that the spoken words, as well as sounds, affect the mind and the space surrounding the person. The word "mantra" is translated as "liberation of the mind" and is a sacred set of letters. If you read the mantra correctly every day, you can clear not only thoughts, but also the soul. Some teachers believe that reading and listening to magic spells can change the body, even at the cellular level.

How to read mantras: basic rules

  1. First of all, you must choose a mantra. It is selected according to your need at the moment. There are healing spells for disease, weight loss, wealth, success, love, etc.
  2. Then you need to find a quiet place where you can retire. Take a comfortable posture (lying or sitting, back smooth). Get rid of all thoughts and try to relax. To do this, take three deep breaths.
  3. Spells are read in the ancient language - Sanskrit. Of course, many do not know the pronunciation, so you can find the mantra, written in Russian letters. There are sources where even the stress is placed.Words must be pronounced as you exhale, creating a vibration out of sounds. Beginners are advised to search for the audio of a particular mantra for accurate reproduction.
  4. It is necessary to read a mantra in the sound range convenient for you. It is also allowed to read about yourself (mental pronunciation of the text). Usually a sacred spell is recited three, nine, eighteen, twenty-seven, or one hundred eight times.
  5. If you are pursuing a specific goal, then the mantra is read before it is performed. Otherwise, three weeks is enough. It is recommended to perform a ritual in the morning.
  6. Before the session you can take a shower and it is advisable to refrain from eating.
  7. It is not recommended to read or listen to several mantras at a time. It is best to focus on one prayer until the fulfillment of his desire.
  8. To pronounce the mantra stands with pure thoughts and intentions. It is advisable that you have a good mood during the ceremony.