How to quit lose weight

Proper nutrition can not be the main and only goal in your life. These are just elementary measures aimed at preserving shape and health. Control yourself. Food always remains only food. It can not be your goal.
Be attentive to the true needs of your body. Maybe he just lacks some kind of product, which you refused in favor of proper nutrition or diet. To do this, look at yourself and watch the changes in your appearance for sagging and pale skin, hair loss, nail lamination, etc. Or take an advanced blood test that will show if there is a lack of one or another useful substance in the body.
To get rid of the habit of dieting, gradually expand the list of previously banned products. For example, if earlier you only allowed yourself low-fat kefir from dairy products, then over time replace it with regular one, start to use cottage cheese, cheeses, yoghurts and milk.
Ask the opinion of friends and relatives, whether you should lose weight further. After all, sometimes a person has excessive demands on his appearance and he is not able to objectively evaluate himself, to look at himself from the outside.
Give up overreliance on diets in favor of exercise, which will give you real satisfaction and allow you not to worry about your figure. This may be the usual walk in the fresh air, swimming, dancing and other sports. You can go to the gym or go to fitness. And after physical exertion you will have a good appetite.
If diets have already become your favorite hobby, find yourself a new exciting activity that will take up all your free time.
To get rid of too strict limits in food, first give up the restrictions in your life. Do not forbid yourself anything and do not reproach yourself for showing weakness.