How to quickly cure barley?

Tatyana Eflina
Tatyana Eflina
August 31, 2014
How to quickly cure barley?

Barley on the eye is an inflammation of the sebaceous gland of the century. It occurs because of microbes on the eyelid. It is necessary to treat barley as soon as discomfort appears in the area of ​​the century. Talk about how to quickly cure barley.

Medication Treatment

It is best to go to the pharmacy and buy a special ointment, for example, tetracycline or erythromycin ointment. Then you need to put a little ointment on the sore spot.

Eye drops will also help: "Albucidus", "Tsiprolet", "Gentamicin". They need to drip into the inner corner of the eye.

Folk remedies

You can try in the treatment of barley and folk remedies.

Potato compress

It is necessary to boil the potato, then knead it with a fork. Then you need to fold the gauze in several layers and wrap the resulting potato paste with it. This compress should be applied to the barley and held for ten minutes. Repeat the procedure should be three times a day.

Calendula flowers

It should be filled with hot water, three tablespoons of flowers and insist one hour, then strain and cool the infusion. Next, you need to moisten a tampon in this tool and attach to barley for 10-15 minutes. You need to do this several times a day.


Good help leaves of aloe. It is necessary to clean the sheet from the film and squeeze the juice from the sheet. Then you need to moisten the cotton wool in the juice and treat the diseased area. Next, the pulp of another leaf of aloe must be applied to the barley for fifteen minutes. Perform this procedure should be three times a day.

Tea Compress

It is necessary to take a package of herbal tea (any suitable). Then you need to put it in boiling water for a few seconds, and then attach it to barley for ten minutes. Repeat the procedure four times a day.

Salt Warming

Coarse salt must be heated, then wrap it in a cloth. To warm up the sore spot should be five or six times a day.


You need to take three brushes of cherry flowers and pour a glass of hot water. Insist one hour, then rinse with warm infusion of the eye at least six times a day.

Birch Buds

It should be filled with one glass of boiling water two teaspoons of birch buds. Insist them for about two hours.Gauze should be folded in several layers, moistened in the infusion and put on the eyes for ten minutes five times a day.