How to publish your book?

Today, almost every second fancies himself a writer and wants to be heard. Many believe that the main task is to write a book, and everything else is nonsense. However, it is unknown what is more difficult - to write a book or publish it. In this article we will discuss how to publish your book and how much it costs.

We are looking for a publisher

Publishers today do not have a shortage of authors, today many people try themselves in writing, and therefore it is very difficult to ensure that your book is noticed. However, it is also not easy to publish a book yourself, at a minimum, you will need serious cash investments, and at the most, a competent organization of advertising a book.

What to do? First of all - do not despair. As they say, they don’t take money for the demand, so start writing to all known publishers. You can start from your city. If there is no decent publisher, look on the Internet for others. The focus is to do better on the little-known private publishers. Yes, they have less experience, but large publishers very rarely turn their eyes on unknown authors.It is best to focus on St. Petersburg and Moscow. Examine in detail the website of the publisher, look at the books already printed by them, read the reviews of "experienced". Perhaps you can find the author in the social network and ask him about working with the publisher, about whether it is not “thrown” in it.

Order a book calculation on the website or by phone, choosing the parameters you need (format, paper, cover, cover, etc.). The publisher manager will calculate the cost of your book according to your wishes.

When you discuss all the conditions, you will be asked to send the manuscript. Take care in advance about copyright protection, because you do not know if your chosen publishing house is in good faith. To do this, you can either contact the notary, or send the manuscript to yourself by registered mail (do not print).

Personally or by e-mail you will enter into an agreement, and the process will start.

What is the cost of printing a book?

If the publisher has decided to release your book, it can often offer only free services of editors, designers, etc. However, this is already great! So you only need to spend money on printing.But most likely, you will have to pay for editing and other procedures that a published book must go through.

The book, about 300 pages in size, published on medium-quality paper with a circulation of 1000 copies, will cost about 200 thousand rubles. A lot of money, of course, but if you are sure that you have written something really worthwhile, you can invest! In the end, you can take a loan for this amount and show everyone what you can do! If the first edition is sold out quickly, the publisher will begin to print books at his own expense.

Publishing selection is not easy. You will have to give it a lot of strength and nerves. The main thing - do not give up! Did you know that JK Rowling, who wrote a series of books about Harry Potter, refused to 8 publishers? And when the editor-in-chief of Bloomsbury, a publishing house that decided to print a book about a boy wizard, accepted the manuscript, he did not fail to inform Joan that he couldn’t make much money on children's literature and advised him to change roles. Well, you know the finale of this story.