How to promote a store?

Opening your own store is an event to which every aspiring entrepreneur aspires. However, it is not enough just to open a store, you also need to develop it, and, moreover, do it all the time. About how to promote the store, and written our article. First we will talk about the general principles of promotion, which are suitable for the store of almost any specifics, and then we will touch on the features of certain types of trade. Of course, in a separate chapter, we highlighted everything related to the promotion of an online store.

About matching assortment

The most important principle that must be followed for the successful promotion of the store, you can safely call the compliance of your range of consumer expectations. Moreover, consumers are specific - that is, first of all, those who live in the immediate vicinity of your store. This is especially true for such stores as food, household, clothing stores and others who sell essential goods. Here is a specific example: a second-hand store is open for the second year,and there are exactly as many buyers in it as they were immediately after the opening. At the same time, prices for clothes are quite affordable. What do you think is the reason for the unpopularity of the store? And the reason is that this shop is located in a rather prestigious quarter - next to the house with expensive apartments, two business centers. Agree, it would be more logical to open an elite or at least just good-quality clothing store in such an area, and second-hand would be better placed in blocks with typical buildings. This should also include careful monitoring of sales: you should be aware of what they buy a little and what, on the contrary, they want to buy. Products of the first group should either be completely excluded from the store’s product range, or should be kept to a minimum, freeing up useful space for goods of the second group that your customers need most. It’s very easy to figure out what people need - it’s enough to ask your sales assistants about it, because buyers are asking questions for them.

About advertising

Advertising does not have to be expensive, the main thing is that it should be effective. Take another example: we opened a store for children.Make a few signs with arrows and write ads on the asphalt with signs to let residents of nearby houses know about your store. For example: "An inexpensive store: All for a child" or "Quality children's clothing at affordable prices. 100 m." Distributing flyers and leaflets advertising a store in the most busy places in your area or town can be a good option. The only thing you need to take care of conscientious workers who will honestly hand out flyers to passersby. This can be your relatives, friends, acquaintances or other trusted people whom you could entrust with this action. Also, do not forget that we have been living in the 21st century for a long time, which means that we have access to high technologies. Be sure to create a store site to attract customers not only from your area, but from around the city. Many modern stores find a considerable number of customers on the Internet. If you do not know how to create and promote a site yourself, contact the experts: today you can make a very high-quality and most importantly, selling site for a reasonable price.Now we turn to stores with specific specifics.

How to promote a clothing store?

In part, we have already discussed this issue by example. Pick up a range of clothes that interest buyers coming to you. And what's more important - hire friendly and unobtrusive employees. There is one good rule in trade: if a customer needs something, he will ask about it himself. Many stores suffer because of the lack of customers precisely because the staff is not able to behave correctly with customers. For a grocery store, this is somewhat less important, since communication with sellers there is minimized. The owner of a clothing store should pay much more attention to this.

How to promote a children's store?

Competition in the market of children's products today is incredibly high. In any hypermarket you will find a children's department, and there are many specialty shops. What can a new store of toys or children's clothes catch on a buyer? First of all, lower prices and quality service. Prices can be raised, but not by much and not immediately, but the service should remain at a high level.That is why the question of staff recruitment here is no less acute than, for example, for a clothing store. Sellers should not only be unobtrusive, polite and benevolent, but also sincerely love children.

How to promote the auto parts store?

Here comes to the fore the range. The most valuable quality of an auto parts store is the availability of any parts required by the buyer. Therefore, whether you like it or not, at first you will have to personally control the purchases and the availability of any necessary type of auto parts in the store. Of course, this is also important for other stores, but if a person still comes to the grocery store for something again, the owner of the car, if he does not find several necessary items in your store, will most likely choose another one. And one more important detail of such a shop is qualified personnel, which, of course, can be trained. Automotive business is a rather specific thing, so you need to understand the subject of conversation particularly well.

How to promote online store?

The peculiarity of modern commerce via the Internet is that in the sales of almost any product you will find today a lot of offers from various online stores.Therefore, three things come to the fore here: the cost of goods, the availability of goods in an assortment and, of course, a well-made and attractively advertised website. This is what is called "three whales", on which Internet commerce rests. We have already discussed the topics of prices and assortment, it remains to tell about the main tool of online trading - the site. If you want to create a truly selling online store, then you can not do without studying the principles of creating and promoting the site, or without attracting a talented and decent specialist in this field. However, in order to promote an online store, it is advisable to get at least a basic knowledge of how to create and promote websites. In any case, this knowledge will not harm you, since, since you are engaged in selling goods over the Internet, you need to be able to control it well.