How to pour tape foundation

You will need
  • - Hammer and hacksaw for formwork;
  • - construction level for placing a horizontal formwork surface;
  • - shovel and pick-up shovels (the first for tamping the mixture, the second for leveling the surface and collecting the spreading solution);
  • - construction trowel for fine works on the surface of the poured foundation;
  • - boards, not less than 30 mm thick and bars for mounting supporting angles;
  • - nails for stitching formwork;
  • - concrete mix.
In order to pour tapefoundation, first prepare the necessary tools and materials.
Start by collecting formwork. If there is a possibility, then rent special metal formwork collapsible boards from builders, but if not, fasten boards at least 30 mm thick in the form of wooden boards.
Secure the formwork panels to the edge of the trench. For the factory, use the supplied fixtures, for homemade - the corners, made of wooden bars.
Take a special building level, which consists of two glass tubes connected by a long hose and set the upper edge of the formwork horizontally along the entire perimeter. Its upper edge will be the main reference for the surface.foundationa.
To accurately and accurately fill the tapefoundation, calculate the required amount of concrete solution. To do this, calculate the volume of the dug trench and add the space between the formwork - this is the required amount of mixture, expressed in cubic meters. Give this information to the contractor for the production of concrete solution.
Just before calling the mixer, prepare access roads to all walls. If access is not possible, measure the distance to the farthest point of the pouring and agree with the supplier on the possibility of delivering the mixture to the required distance.
During the direct casting process at the facility, provide an assistant. As a rule, one person is at the exit of a pipe or tray, while another rams a fresh solution with a bayonet spade, trying to eliminate as much as possible air caverns.
At the end of the fill surfacefoundationAlign thoroughly and allow to set for a few days. During this period, periodically wet it to prevent cracking.