How to play Killing Floor?

Evgeny Fogov
Evgeny Fogov
February 19, 2015
How to play Killing Floor?

Killing floor game is a very popular shooter. However, in order to play the game on the network, you need to know some things. This is especially true for users who play the pirated version. In this article we will discuss how to play the Killing floor on the network in the pirate and the licensed version of the game. For the licensed version, we take the game purchased on Steam. Usually, it does not require configuration with Windows, but if it is needed, it is performed in accordance with the game manual.

How to play pirates through hamachi

  1. Need to install game updates.
  2. Now you can install the program itself.
  3. Run the program, start creating a new network.
  4. To do this, click the button in the "Create a new network" program window, enter the login and the network password. Click OK.
  5. Select your friends by clicking on the button "Join an existing network." Enter the network name and password.
  6. Now you need to go through the console command. The console command looks like this: "open hosting number", which was created by the owner of the room.

How to play the licensed version using hamachi

  1. Now let's look at how to play the licensed version of the game. To do this you will need to download a special program. Now you need to connect to the network in hamachi, go into the game and create a server.
  2. You can enter the room and start the game. If this does not happen, do the following: unpack the System folder, which is located in the game folder. Run the play killing floor file. bat
  3. Now create a game by clicking Host Game. Name the server LISTEN. After that, it will only remain to inform the participants of their addresses.