How to plant lilies and how to care for them

Lilypropagated by seeds, aerial bulbs that appear in the axils of leaves, leaf cuttings and scales of bulbs and bulbs. In the garden lily can be grown in two ways - seeds and bulbs.

Seed propagation is the best way. It is simple, you can get at the same time a large number of plants. In early July, seeds can be sown directly in open ground. With this method of reproduction lily regale blooms in the third year.

Favorably affectslily growth, first of all, on the brightness of color and the size of flowers, the annual introduction of ash into the soil.

Lily bulbsplanted at a distance of about 30-40 cm from each other to a depth: on medium soils 20 cm, on heavy - 15 cm, counting from the onion of the bulb to the surface of the earth.

Too overgrown lilies transplant in 3-5 years.Lily transplantproduce in a timely manner - in the second half of summer, while the bulb is in a state of rest.Young onions, obtained from seeds, must be replanted in the first and second year so that by the third year they are at a depth of about 15-20 cm.

Loosening is done 5-6 times in the summer. Adult lilies are watered rarely, but plentifully. Per square meterplanting liliesIt takes about a watering can of water. For good growth and abundant flowering, it is necessary to feed with mineral fertilizers (50-60 g per bucket of water) 3-4 times before flowering: in spring with nitrogen, in June with potash and phosphate fertilizers, and after flowering with superphosphate.

Lilyin the absence of snow and frost at temperatures above 10 ° C, it should be covered with coniferous legs with a layer of up to 10-15 cm.