How to organize a perfect bachelorette party?

A wedding is a momentous day and the beginning of a new stage in your life. But since the unmarried free life ends, you need to part with it and adequately carry it out. For this and was devised a bachelorette party. And how to spend it so that this day will be remembered for a lifetime?

What it is?

A bachelorette party is a kind of farewell to a free unmarried life. Previously, the girls arranged a meeting at home or, for example, in the bath. The bride certainly had to wash and hover. She could also make a special scarf called "beauty", which she had to give to her unmarried relative.

Party must be interesting

Girlfriends unraveled the future bride's braid, which was considered a symbol of “idle” life. All together they wondered, sang and danced. But modern girls, of course, all this is not interesting. Many go to the club and have a fun party with all the ensuing consequences. But I want to spend such a day not only fun, but also interesting.

Assign day

Many are interested in when to hold such an event. Of course, you can make a bachelorette party right on the eve of the wedding, but in this case you will have to be restrained, since the next day you have to be a “cucumber”.

If you plan to “break away in full”, then arrange an event two or three days before the marriage date, so that you have time to “step back” after the fun and put yourself in order. A swollen bride with bruises under her eyes is not the best sight.

Whom to invite?

You can invite to a bachelorette party, in fact, anyone, of course, choosing among the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity. Call your best friends with whom you have experienced a lot of wonderful moments.

Good mood secured

You can also call friends, classmates, classmates or colleagues from work if you wish, if you communicate with them quite closely. But those who are unpleasant to you, certainly not worth calling. And do not even think that you offend someone. In the end, your holiday, and only you can decide who will be present at it.

Where to spend?

Where to spend a bachelorette party? We offer you several options:

  • The most economical, but no less fun and successful option from this is the home pajama party.Invite your girlfriends home, ask them to take comfortable clothes with you, buy snacks, make cocktails and have a great time off! By the way, at home you can immediately go to bed after the fun, which is undoubtedly an advantage.
  • You can hold such an event in a cafe or in a club. You can dance and have fun. And if you want to enjoy the unmarried life and freedom for the last time, then choose a program with a male striptease. But keep yourself in hand and do not go too far!
  • Go to karaoke and arrange singing duel. By the way, the presence of a beautiful voice is optional. The main thing - the desire, good vision and good mood.
  • And you can go for a couple of days on the nature with tents. Why? Grab the meat and fishing rods, enjoy the kebab and fishing. If you are afraid of bugs and other living creatures and prefer comfort, rent a few houses at the camp site.
  • Ride in a limousine! Order champagne and enjoy the ride.
  • Visit the bath or sauna, grab a beer, fish and other snacks.
  • Want to combine business with pleasure? Visit all your friendly and cheerful composition spa or beauty salon.Some salons, by the way, offer special comprehensive group programs for the future bride and her bridesmaids.
  • If your city has a water park, visit it! Feel the adrenaline rush during the descent from the steep hills, swim in the pool.

Dress code

Fun and joyful

What to wear on a bachelorette party? At once it is worth noting that the bride among the girlfriends should stand out. A distinctive sign may be a mini-veil or a different color clothing. We offer different ideas:

  • Put on jeans and t-shirts all together. But let her friends be in black T-shirts, and the bride in white (it is possible with some funny thematic inscription). All girlfriends can also be provided with pink or red veils, while the future bride should dress in white. You can also dress up your friends in T-shirts with the words “Bridesmaids”, and dress the bride in another, with the words “Bride”.
  • Retro style. Put on dresses in retro style. Let the girlfriend choose any color, and the bride shines in white. Do not forget about gloves and other attributes.
  • Hipsters. Remember that time? Fluffy skirts and dresses, headbands with flowers, bangs, stockings with arrows, bright makeup ... Use this idea, bring it to life!
  • You can arrange a cowboy party and dress in hats and Cossack boots with a fringe. Grab and pistols. That all saw the future bride, let her be in a white hat, and the rest in brown, black or red.
  • Outdoors in the warm season, in the water park or in the bath you can arrange a Hawaiian party with beads, loincloths and other thematic attributes.

For memory!

To make the evening memorable, invite the photographer. It is better not to ask to photograph someone invited, so that everyone has the opportunity to just relax and enjoy the fun, and not to run with a camera in their hands.

How to have fun for glory?

No booze anywhere

How to spend a memorable and fun hen party before the wedding? In order not to turn the event into a banal booze (and it happens), think over the script. By the way, you can hire a presenter so that no one is distracted from the holiday, although each friend can hold a competition.

We offer some contests:

  1. “Do you want to hear funny stories?” Let each of the girlfriends (and you as well) remember some funny and interesting story connected, for example, with joint activities or adventures.
  2. The game "I want."The facilitator asks questions, for example, “Who wants to return to childhood again?” Or “Who wants to become a virgin?”. Those who respond positively participate in the game. And the game is this. Cups (the number is equal to the number of players) are put on one berry. The leader asks his friends to get berries without hands, but before the contest begins he fills glasses with cream. Won the one that quickly cope with the task.
  3. Game "Who is the most thrifty"? Girlfriends together with the bride should make a list of things (comb, lipstick, nail file, hammer, condom, and so on), each of which is awarded a certain number of points. Then the list is announced, and the one with the named item in the purse gets the appropriate points. Wins the most thrifty. At the end of the competition, by the way, points can be exchanged for symbolic prizes, souvenirs.
  4. The game "I know who you are." Each of her friends writes on a piece of paper (preferably in another handwriting so that the bride does not recognize) some ridiculous incident from her life. And the bride, reading such stories, should guess the main character, that is, that of her friends, with whom the incident occurred.
  5. You can guess.For example, prepare coffee grounds or pour melted wax into cold water. Some emerging figures can be quite funny or cause ambiguous associations. All together, try to uncover the secrets of fate in a joking manner and with humor.

Let the bachelorette party succeed and be remembered!

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