How to open the safe?

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How to open the safe?

When buying a new safe or using one in a hotel room, each person is counting on the reliability and safety of his belongings. But what if it so happened that you forgot the code to the safe? The best way to solve the problem is to help the hotel manager or call a special service if the safe was purchased by you.

However, there are other ways to open the safe. Consider them in more detail.

How to open an electronic safe

  1. To open the safe with an electronic code entry method, you can use a special key. Usually it is complete with a safe or you can ask it from the employee of the hotel where you stayed.
  2. The port for entering the electronic key is usually located under a special emblem attached to the screws. Remove the emblem and insert the key into the port. This way you will be able to remove the password from the safe and open it.
  3. For the case when you do not have time to ask for help, try entering a combination of zeros: many safes with an electronic password entry method, especially from China, have a standard combination of a six-zero service code. This combination can open the safe.Note that you can change this combination by pressing the * button. Holding it for 5 seconds will take you to the program menu, where you will need to enter the service code, after which you will need to enter a new code and repeat it. Thus, the service code will change.

Next, we consider how to open the safe lock in a mechanical encoder.

Code safe on a mechanical lock

To open types of safes with mechanical encryption, the best way is to call the safe opening service. In this case, you will need to provide your documents on the safe, passport. It is almost impossible to open safes with mechanical encoders by brute force. It is also impossible to open them without a key.

In movies, we can often see how a character opens a safe with a statoscope, but in fact this is impossible, since the encoder’s device is so complex that a hacker will have to pick up an incredible set of combinations before the safe opens. The cherished click sound, which the character allegedly heard, can only be if the lock tongue hit the encoder wheel, and this will happen only when the combination is typed correctly.

If the company in which the safe was ordered has its own website, then they must provide a login and password for their client, under which he can register on the website and enter a special directory where his model code should be.

If you need to open a large safe, then you will inevitably have to call specialists to the house, if you failed to open the safe with other methods. Small safe can be easily transported to customer service - so you can save money on leaving the experts.

A feature of the safe on a mechanical encoder is the immutability of the code. The code is assigned by the manufacturer and does not change during the operation of the safe. The cipher lock is more reliable than the electronic one; however, if you forget the code, it will be more difficult to unlock such a safe. It should be noted that in spite of the fact that the digits of the code can be individual for different safes, the scheme of dialing them will be the same.

As for the opening scheme of a mechanical safe, you can try the standard code for many mechanical safes, namely:

  • four times turning clockwise to the right with the first digit 0 on the red mark;
  • three rotations counterclockwise with the number 30 at the mark;
  • twice to the right at the level of 59;
  • turn left once and stop at 0.

Please note that this combination is suitable for old models of safes up to 2000.