How to open car service?

Anyone, even the most expensive car anyway, sooner or later, will have to be repaired. And this means that auto service is a very profitable business, which pleases its owner with a regular profit due to a constant stream of customers. A modern car park is developing quite fast, the number of cars increases significantly every year. The number of service stations is also increasing, whose brands are not widely known, since they serve several types of machines at once.

You have already decided to do your own thing, thinking that it is not difficult at all. I, as the author of this article, want to say that when I decided that I was opening a car-care center, I didn�t know where to start. But I started with the fact that I understood this business would be to my liking, since I have long been in love with cars. Car service brings good money, if it provides a wide range of different services, then its income is at least 4 thousand dollars a month, and tire service - at least 0.7 thousand dollars.

So let's think what we need to start? How to open a car service and not to burn?

  • Make sure you have the initial capital, which is enough for the first difficult time. Calculate how much the equipment will cost, it�s expensive nowadays. Focus on about 130-150 thousand dollars, if you want to open a large car service, 40-50 thousand dollars, opening a small car service station and 9-13 thousand dollars, opening tire fitting.
  • Plus car service is that you do not have to think about competition. Think about it, cars broke down and will break down always and everywhere, so there is enough work for everyone. Most importantly, make sure your car service is as close as possible to the road, so that drivers can see it from the windows of their cars. If customers notice you, you will be provided with their money.
  • You need a large, spacious room. It should fit at least two cars with the possibility of free movement inside the premises. Do not forget about the importance of storage space for all tools and rooms for rest. Take into account that in the future you may want to build a nearby grocery store, car wash, auto parts store or something else.Therefore, more often than not, entrepreneurs buy the land near the road in order to build a building independently of their own design.
  • You can buy a car service. It will cost you about 60 thousand dollars. Return on investment is calculated for 6-10 months. Often service stations work in rented premises with a lease agreement for a year. If you decide to rent a room with an annual lease agreement, make sure that the contract will be renewable.
  • The tax office will tell you what documents are needed to open a car service. They are directly dependent on the services you intend to provide. Whatever you do (selling drinks, washing cars, changing oil, etc.), this requires an appropriate permit and, often, information from the SES.
  • Take seriously the purchase of equipment. If you are not a true expert in this field, do not take risks; rather, ask the person who understands this to help you with the choice. All contracts with suppliers of auto parts must be carefully studied as well as the main channels of their delivery.
  • Select equipment depending on the services that you will provide to future customers.The main thing is that the service has lifts, diagnostic systems for various systems of the car, if it is a body service - welding and paint-drying equipment. And, of course, locksmith tools.
  • You should examine in detail all possible information on this case.

Remember, there are quite a few pitfalls, you should be ready for them. Gain first all the necessary technical knowledge and then you will understand how to open a car service with the possibility of its existence in the future. If you seriously want to open your business, it's time to open a car service. Moreover, their licensing is long gone.