How to open a frozen lock?

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How to open a frozen lock?

In cold winters, sometimes getting into the car sometimes becomes a serious problem. Even the most up-to-date cars with the most serious protection against theft cannot oppose anything to the severe Russian frosts.

If you have a problem with how to open a frozen car lock, try starting with an elementary one.

Simple methods for opening a frozen lock

  1. Attempt to get inside through the trunk. On some versions of the central locks it works: either the �backside� lock (especially on hatchbacks) disappears from the cold, or it was not originally provided.
  2. If the key is inserted into the lock by at least a third, we will turn it (carefully! Remembering that you will have to pay for repairs) in different directions. There is a chance that the lock from movement will be developed and will agree to start acting.
  3. In the near stall a condom is bought, in the same place a compassionate aunt pours boiling water from her kettle into it - and this heater warms the well, periodically checking for consent to interact.
  4. You can try to warm the lock - the same lighter, matches or a soldering iron. But these are already absolutely desperate actions: it will be expensive to restore the damaged cover of the door.
  5. For experimenters and adventurers: to come to terms with a neighbor and attach a hose, mounted on its exhaust pipe, to an intractable lock. By the way, it is quite an effective way how to open a frozen lock not only by car, but also at the entrance to the house - naturally, if you do not live on the 12th floor.

Literate actions

If you already had a reason to think about how to open a frozen lock, you will prudently carry a cherished bottle of miraculous liquid with you. Even the most sullen skeptics do not argue that the defrosting composition is very effective.

And the last but always effective means is to call the Ministry of Emergency Situations if you cannot get home, or a tow truck if the car does not open.