How to measure a dog?

Measurement of dogs should be carried out using special tools and be at the same time on the site with a smooth and hard ground. If the measurement is carried out at home, it should be taken immediately before feeding. Let us in this article analyze in detail how to properly measure a dog, for buying or sewing clothes for it, for walking in the cold period of time. Since there are breeds of dogs that can freeze even in the bitter cold, especially if they are constantly at home.

Measurement tools

  • Ruler
  • Measuring square
  • Compass

How to measure your dog:

  • First of all, you should know that for large horizontal and vertical measurements it is best to use a ruler made of durable material, the length of which should reach at least 110 cm. Thus, on one side of the ruler, you must mark the vertical measurements, meaning height the withers, the depth of the chest, the sacrum, and on the other horizontal measurements - the width of the chest, the length of the body.
  • The measuring square consists of two strips set at right angles. The length of one strap is 20 cm, and the other 10 cm. The one that is longer is superimposed on the measurement site, and the short one is used as a guide for a centimeter, which is attached to the junction of two slats.
  • The compass is rarely used for measurement, as it frightens and unnerves animals.

How to measure a dog for clothes

Dog clothes are no longer absurd and not acceptable. It occupies a certain part in the measured life of dog breeders. After all, it is very practical and convenient. Clothing helps long-haired dogs to keep their hair clean and tidy and not to get dirty, and short-haired dogs protects from cold in bad weather. But many people get lost when they buy clothes for their dogs. They simply do not know how to measure their dog correctly and buy a suit of the right size. Let's try to figure it out.

  • Measurement should be carried out only when the dog is standing straight.
  • Take a tape measure to measure and measure the distance from the base of the tail to the withers.
  • Then measure your pet's chest circumference.But keep in mind that the measurement is carried out in the bulk of the chest.
  • In order to find out the volume of the neck, measure the neck circumference and length, from the base of the skull to the withers
  • After that you should measure the waist of the dog If you measure a dog, then the measurement is made, not reaching the genital organ, and if the bitch, then just look at her from the side. You will see the right place.
  • If you decide to dress your pet in clothes with a long "sleeve", then do not forget to take another mandatory measurement. Measure from the bones of the mouth to the armpits and the length of the legs. The hind legs are measured at the widest point of the thigh.

Measuring dogs for buying harness

If you do not know how to measure a dog to buy the right-sized harness, then try the following steps:

  • Firstly, it should be noted that the most important indicator when choosing a harness is the chest chest volume. It should be measured from a certain point behind the dog's front paw, through the back, then through the point behind the second paw, under the stomach and again to the same point from which the measurement was started.
  • Then measure your pet's neck.It should be measured from the highest point of the dog’s chest and to the withers.
  • It should also be measured from the withers and to that particular point with which you measured the girth of the sternum along the back.
  • Remember that when buying a harness, you should see that it does not sit too tightly on the dog. Between the dog and the harness should be free to pass two fingers.

Now you know how to measure the size of a dog. After all, only with the right measurements, you will be able to determine the size you need. And this is a major factor in the tailoring and selection of warm clothes for the pet. Because it is important that the thing is sitting on the body, not hanging out and was not larger. Take care of your pets. We wish you good luck!