How to make a video easier?

Anna Mikhailova
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How to make a video easier?

Often when transferring video over the Internet network or recording it to various media, its owner is faced with the fact that its weight does not allow it. The only way out is to make it easier. To help you come various programs converters that can be found on the Internet.

Convert video

If you intend to professionally process video files, then it makes sense to purchase a paid version of the program. And if you need it only from time to time, then it is quite possible to get by with the free version. One of these programs is Any Video Converter. To download it you can go through. After the program is installed, you should start it and start reducing the movie. Before you make the video easier, you need to load it into the program. To do this, click the Add Video button, and then in the new file manager window specify the path to the required video. After the download is complete, you must select the downloaded video by clicking the mouse and set the options for the final file.In the right part of the main window of the converter, you need to set the desired image size, the number of frames per second and video bitrate. You should also do in relation to the media file track. To reduce the video size, you need to make these values smaller than your file. If you need to leave them unchanged, then you should select another video codec from the list, which is located in the upper right corner of the covert. By installing the necessary options and selecting the codec, you can start the conversion procedure. But first you must select the destination folder in which the reduced version of the video will be saved, and click the "Encode" button. After a certain time in the selected folder you will find a smaller video.

Total Video Converter

You can also use Total Video Converter for converting. After its installation and opening, you should upload the video or drag it with the mouse. On the right is a window in which you can preview the final result. After downloading the file, a window appears on the screen prompting you to select the desired format for the final video. Having decided on the format, you should select the quality level.Next to the quality selection window, there is a link to the properties of the final video file, which you need to open and view the parameters of four tabs, which can be changed if necessary. After selecting a folder for outputting the final file, you need to click on the �Convert� button and wait for the conversion to complete. Now you can go to the folder and look at the result of the conversion.