Stamping Jill - How To Decorate Wax Candles Using Stamps

How to Make Stamped Candles

Three Parts:

Stamped candles are an easy way to improve the look of a wide, large candle. The stamping can be seasonal, related to favorite themes or anything that takes your fancy. This is a perfect beginner craft project.


Choosing the Candles and Paint

  1. Select suitable candles.The candles need to be of the solid, thick and broad kind for this to be most effective, especially if you're a beginner. You could try thinner candles when you feel more confident.
  2. Find paint that will adhere to the candle's wax.Acrylic paints tend to be the best for this project, in any colors suitable to matching the candle. When choosing the paint, if it is not certain from the paint instructions as to suitability, ask the retailer for help.
    • Be aware that not all paint will adhere well.
    • It's a good idea to ensure that the paint chosen is non-toxic, as the candle will burn through the designs eventually, releasing smoke and particulate matter into the air, air which you and your family breathe.

Creating the Design Template and Stamp

  1. Choose the design for the candle.It is best to keep this simple and repeat the same one or two symbols. Some ideas for simple and effective designs include:
    • Celestial objects: Sun, moon, star, rainbow, etc.
    • Animal: Dog, cat, mouse, etc.
    • Plant: Flowers, trees, leaves, etc.
  2. Create the template for the design.Either draw a design onto thin cardboard or use an existing stencil. If making it on cardboard, cut out the template design.
  3. Add the design to a rubber eraser.Transfer the outline of the template onto the eraser using pencil or a marker that works on the eraser. It can help to use a bit of poster tack to keep the cardboard template in place, while a stencil sheet should be held in place with care as you draw around its outline.
    • Repeat for any additional designs, using separate erasers.
  4. Using a craft knife, cut away the background around the design you've just traced onto the eraser.This is now your stamp for adding the design image to the candle.

Adding the Stamps to the Candles

  1. Work out the design layout for the candle.Are you using just one symbol or perhaps two? How will two or more designs be interwoven down the candle? Work this out on paper beforehand. Some approaches might include:
    • Rows or columns of a single design; or use two designs and alternate the rows or designs
    • Make a band or two of a single design only, perhaps across the top or base of the candle
    • Follow a pattern that uses the design to form the shape or outline of a word, geometric shape, picture, etc.
    • Easiest of all––simply add designs randomly. This option is the best if younger children are making the candles, as they don't have to line anything up or get the patterning accurate.
  2. Brush the paint onto the stamp.Use a color that complements or contrasts well with that of the candle.
  3. Add the stamped-on design.To do this, hold the stamp to the candle where you wish to place the design and press firmly. Pull away quickly and cleanly to avoid smudging the stamp. Repeat as often as required to achieve the overall design, adding the design to the locations you've already chosen.
  4. Let dry.The time required for drying will depend on the paint used; read its relevant instructions. Overnight is a safe bet, so plan on leaving to dry before lighting the candle the next day.

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  • Transfer or tracing paper can be used to transfer the design rather than making a stencil/template.

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