How to make skin perfect?

Before making recommendations on how to make the skin perfect, we will make a reservation that bad habits and poor nutrition leads to the appearance of various skin problems. Therefore, the first thing you need to change your idea of ​​nutrition, as well as abandon the use of alcohol and tobacco. More often in the open air, and then your skin will thank you - it will become fresher, a healthy glow will appear. Using the right cosmetics and regular skin care will transform it beyond recognition, and finally, your dream to come true - you can proudly say that you have perfect skin.

Skin care

The basic rule of skin care is to decide on your skin type correctly. Cleansing, moisturizing and nourishing are three treatments that your skin needs daily. Regular cleansing will rid the skin of impurities and give it freshness. Moisturizing is necessary for the skin just as air is for every person. Without moisturizing, the skin will fade, wrinkles will appear on it faster.And the third step is nutrition through masks and creams containing retinol. To make your skin look young and in 45, and in 55 years, use creams with the content of retinol - this substance is one of the most effective, if you need to find a way to make your skin perfect.

In order for the skin to be freed from the cornified particles, it is necessary to regularly peel, but do not forget that when choosing a means for peeling, it is necessary to focus on your skin type. If you have oily or combination skin, use peeling with glycolic or salicylic acid. Holders of dry skin need to choose more gentle products, because their skin is already quite thin.

Buying face cream, at the same time buy and eye cream. The skin around the eyes is the most tender, therefore it requires special care. Eye cream must contain SPF - only then it will perfectly protect the skin of the eyelids from the sun's rays. By the way, your favorite day cream should also contain this component, because even in winter, when the sun's rays have less negative effect on our skin, it needs UV protection.

The cause of skin aging on the face are free radicals. In order to minimize their negative impact, it is necessary to consume products containing antioxidants as much as possible, as well as to use cosmetics containing these components. A large amount of antioxidants found in vegetables, fruits, blueberries, sea buckthorn, pomegranate, as well as in natural red wine.


If you are looking for ways to make your skin perfect, do not forget about masks. They are an integral part of facial care, but, of course, do not need to use daily masks. Masks can be complex in their composition and simple, you can buy them in the store or make at home. As practice shows, those masks, which are made from fresh vegetables and fruits at home, bring the greatest benefit to the face.

Are you bored with dark circles under your eyes? Then make a gruel of fresh cucumber and apply for a few minutes on the area around the eyes - the skin will become lighter, get a fresh and attractive look.

There are many masks made from apples that help to cope with the aging of the skin.The apple-egg mask, for the preparation of which it is necessary to take an yolk and an apple in equal shares, is ideal for refreshing and rejuvenating dry skin. By the way, for dry skin, it is recommended to use kefir, cream, sour cream, honey and egg yolk as the basis for making effective and inexpensive homemade masks.

For dry skin, an apple-milk mask is perfect, which is very easy to prepare - it is necessary to boil a crushed apple in milk. Cool the cooked gruel and apply it on your face for a few minutes. A mask of milk, peach and oatmeal works well. It will not only soften, but also smooth the skin.

If you have dry skin and you don’t know how to make your skin perfect, use a birch leaf mask. In order to cook it, take the young leaves of birch, brew them with boiling water and leave for two hours. After that, extract the infusion, take your favorite nourishing cream, add liquid to it and apply on the skin. The cream can be replaced with butter or margarine. After 20 minutes, remove the remnants of the mask from the face with warm water.

For oily skin, you need to take an apple, chop it and mix in equal proportions with beaten protein or sour milk. By the way, masks for oily and combination skin are prepared on the basis of protein and sour milk. All of them are aged on the skin for at least 20 minutes.

Some tips

In order to find a solution to the problem, how to make the skin perfect, you need to try more than one mask, because the skin of each woman is as individual as her body.

It is imperative that before applying any mask you must clean your face with a special lotion or cream. It is very important. Because in the process of cleaning the skin opens its pores, and the nutrients contained in the mask penetrate more easily into the skin. After you have washed off the mask, you need to wipe the face with a tonic that will close the pores, and at the same time, remove the remnants of the mask. Be sure to apply the cream, which you use at night, because, as a rule, all masks are recommended to be done in the evening, and not in the morning, when you need to go out.