How to make room?

Thought repair in an apartment or house? Or maybe they have acquired a new home? Then before you the question arises, what style to choose for its decoration. What furniture to buy? In the house and apartment the main room is the hall. Therefore, it is very important to know the rules of its design. It is the largest room in the house, so before you arrange the hall, you need to divide it into zones and decide approximately what will be located in them. If the staircase leading to the top is in the hall, its style should correspond to the general style of the room. If the space of the hall is large enough, you can not dwell on one particular style. Successfully combine them!

Hall - the business card of your house or apartment. Therefore, before you decorate the hall with your own hands, think over to the smallest detail all its details and their combination. Comfortable and originally decorated room will delight guests and hosts for many years.

Choosing materials

It is recommended to use parquet or floorboard for the floor. These materials are more reliable than laminate and linoleum.Choose a non-staining color for the walls of the room, the wallpaper should be highly resistant to moisture. Do not be limited to plain wallpaper. Suitable for the style of the room panels will be a beautiful detail of the interior. Wall-paper on which basis the stone crumb or multi-colored quartz sand is applied - practical option for registration of walls. This covering will successfully imitate a natural stone.

Arrange the furniture

The choice of furniture depends on the tastes of the owners and the size of the room. More massive and rich furniture can be used with large hall sizes.

Let's call the basic requirements for furniture:

  • wear resistance
  • easy cleaning
  • non-stained color

Fireplace area

In the hall of a private house, an important detail is the fireplace and the space next to it. As a rule, the place for the fireplace is chosen in the corner of the room so that it blends harmoniously into the interior. It is very important to observe security in the hall with a fireplace. The floor of the fireplace area must have a different coating - made of natural stone or metal.

Choosing a style

Choose the style of the room according to your preferences. The hall should be comfortable not only for you, but also for the guests whom you will receive here.Classic or baroque country or hi-tech - any of these styles can be used to decorate the hall. Underline the chosen style with decorative elements and furniture.

  • Use sculpting to create the appearance of palace chic. It includes: cornices, columns, wall medallions, decorated fireplace, door and window openings.
  • Would you like to arrange a room in ethnic style? Choose finishing materials from a natural stone and a tree, ethnic ornaments or flower ornaments.
  • Stained glass - one of the best solutions for the decoration of the hall. It can be used with sufficient glazing area.
  • Consider how beautifully arrange the room with a bright color spot. It will fill the room with colors even on a cloudy day. If there is a small number of windows in the hall, and none of them can be used as a stained-glass window, then arrange a false window with internal illumination in a niche or corner. Stained glass can be used to decorate the entrance and exit doors.
  • The interior in classic style is not consistent with modern technology. For the zone in which it will be located, it is better to choose modern furniture. The hi-tech style will not disturb the harmony of the room, if you choose furniture, a rack of neutral shades of wood.


In order for the interior to take a complete look, you need to select the appropriate lighting. The light of one massive lamp will not be enough. Different areas of the hall require different lighting. The more zone is removed from the windows, the more intense the lighting will be needed. Each of the lamps located in the room should correspond to the zone in which it is located and give a sufficient amount of light. Decorate the area in the style of country lights with lamps. A good addition to the interior will be the classic sconces, located near the mirror.


Consider how advantageous to decorate the room with the help of plants.

  • In the southern part of the hall the plants will feel most comfortable.
  • You can also place them in the center of the hall, choose for this south-west or north-east.

The center of the hall can be decorated with date palms. Plants will attract attention. Further design of the room should take into account the presence of plants in it. You can create the appearance of a corner of nature by choosing suitable wallpapers. What it will be - seascape or forest glade - you decide. Green corner increases the hall visually, reduces the feeling of confined space. Plants can also be conveniently placed in the corner of the room.

Now you know how to arrange a hall.Photo information on this topic will also be extremely useful to you. In this case, you can show all your imagination and do everything according to your own design. After that, colleagues and visitors will appreciate your work.