How to make makeup on September 1 at school - photo lesson

How to make a fashionable make-up for September 1 photoSeptember 1 is a holiday, and on this day many students see each other for the first time after the summer. Every girl on September 1, you want to look as good as possible in the face of both friends and detractors.


But, choosing makeup, remember that the catchy evening chic is more suitable for graduation. Make-up for the girl from the senior classes should be both festive, and noticeable, and at the same time - day.


In addition, only on September 1, the university or the institute will not have any problems with makeup - teachers in most institutions of higher education do not care how students are painted, if they are painted at all.


School on the first of September requires a stricter dress code: do not forget that a bright, bright and sometimes rude make-up for a disco is not suitable for a young girl on this day. Here is an example of a bright enough, but at the same time day makeup.


You will need:

  • black or dark brown soft eyeliner (with a wide slate);
  • a set of makeup brushes (three pieces, differing in thickness, thickness and shape - such as in the photo: a brush for making a contour (one with a bevelled edge), for shading shadows (small, soft, with a rounded tip) and a brush for effects (the largest, with a long nap.) It is better to choose brushes from natural nap, if you do not have allergies after use.Through careful use, wash the brushes in warm water with shampoo and dry them with napkins.Take care that the brushes are dried in a horizontal position - so the water does not penetrate the attachment);
  • eyeshadow (3 colors - basic, light brown matte, light brown with a golden tint and another brown, lighter in tone);
  • base under the shade;
  • black or dark brown mascara.


How to make up: step by step photo workshop


1. Apply to the eyelid foundation under the shadow.
2. Gently circle the eyelid with a soft eyeliner, shading the line (as in the photo).
3. Use a small brush to apply a base color shade to the entire eyelid, paying special attention to the area of ​​skin where the dark pencil lines will turn into a lighter, unpainted center. Do not paint over the center of the century with pressure! The combined color should be darker around the edges.
4.Gently blend the following shadows, with a golden hue, with a wide soft brush right on top of the whole century.
5. Apply the last shadows with a brush with a beveled edge - the lightest ones - just over a century, not reaching the eyebrow. Try to make the color transition smooth, but make sure that brown does not go beyond the century itself, if possible. The entire area above the eye should be barely touched by color, and this color should be very light.
6. Draw a pencil for the eyes of the lower eyelid. The line should be very thin.
7. Mascara eyelashes.


Fashionable make-up for September 1 - photo master-class


As you noticed, this make-up does not use eyeliner. But, if you think that the transition to the color of the carcass is still too sharp, you can put a little eyeliner (only dark brown, chocolate color, not black).


Remember, this is not "Smokey Ays", although some elements of the gradation of colors may seem similar. Smokey Aiz - rather the evening version, and for the first of September it is not the best choice.


Of course, choosing colors for makeup, you should first focus on your skin tone, hair color, clothes and image as a whole. Gamma shades in this manual can be replaced, but try to keep the colors were not flashy.Brown shades presented in the photo will suit almost any skin tone and type of face, especially if you have a light tan.