How to make dynamite in Minecraft?

Ivan Kochura
Ivan Kochura
February 21, 2013
How to make dynamite in Minecraft?

Minecraft is a very original game, in which actions are built from the first person. The game is created in a style in which everything in the world is a block. That is, it means all layers of the atmosphere, all matter and even living beings. The principle of the game is that the main character is engaged in construction. The game consists of 4 modes: creative, survival, hardcore, adventure. These modes are inherently different in some of their properties. In the creative, for example, opens the broadest opportunity to build without any special restrictions. Other modes more complicate the life of the player, they appear indicators of life, hunger, health, etc.

Making Dynamite in Minecraft

In Minecraft for successful work sometimes it is necessary to use dynamite, which you have to invent yourself. Let us dwell on how to make dynamite in Minecraft. For the preparation of explosives need only two ingredients, namely - sand and gunpowder. It is necessary to use 4 blocks of sand and 5 portions of gunpowder.But, if it is not difficult to find sand, then sometimes there may be problems with the extraction of gunpowder.

We get gunpowder

It can be found in the treasury, or you can get it by killing creeper or gastas. Moreover, they must be killed personally in order to have time to pick up gunpowder.

How to use dynamite

After the player has learned how to make dynamite in Minecraft, he has the opportunity to destroy the blocks. The dynamite blast wave is quite large, it destroys the nearest blocks from the placement.

Learning to blow up dynamite

After creating you need to understand how to blow up dynamite in Minecraft. As stated above, the blast wave is quite strong. Having placed the dynamite in the right place for the player, it is important to know that the explosion occurs 4 seconds after detonation. Therefore, you need to have time to move away from this place to safe. You can activate explosives using any button, plate, fire, lighter, etc. For the extraction of resources necessary for the construction of explosives should not be used, as dynamite can destroy them if they fall under the blast wave.

There are no more special secrets in the creation or use of dynamite in the game Minecraft.But It is worth noting that its use greatly facilitates the work and execution of construction.