How to make beef softer?

Even an experienced hostess sometimes makes mistakes in choosing beef, buying instead of veal the meat of an adult animal that is not soft. However, this mistake can be corrected, especially since there are several ways to make bovine soft. It is only necessary to choose the best, then no one will notice the difference, on the contrary, from the mouth of the household you can hear praise.

How can you make soft beef?

Make the beef softer marinade will help. It is only necessary to cut the meat into small pieces and marinate in a special solution. As a marinade, the one used for cooking kebabs is quite suitable. But you can create your own marinade, then you can make a new dish. For example, you can pour pieces of meat with a solution of:

  • vinegar;
  • salts;
  • pepper;
  • Luke;
  • various seasonings.

Not everyone likes the smell of vinegar, but it can be replaced with dry wine. As a result, the dish will turn out very fragrant, and unusual notes will be felt in its taste.In addition, pieces of meat can be marinated in tomato paste or juice. Of course, in the marinade you will need to add spices so that the dish does not turn out to be bland.

To make the beef softer, some housewives marinate it in kefir or mayonnaise. If you add bay leaf and cloves to the marinade, the dish will be more fragrant and it will have a piquant taste. There is the option of marinating meat in kefir or sour cream. The finished dish will be very tender.

It doesn't matter what way the meat will be marinated; the main thing is that the marinade itself is sour. Also need to consider a few more points. Meat should be marinated for 12 hours, just so it will be really soft. And in order to make the dish especially tasty, one should not feel sorry for the spices.

How to quickly make the beef softer?

If there is no time to marinate beef, but there is no certainty that the meat will be soft, you can resort to a few tricks in the cooking process. So, before roasting meat should be extinguished. For this purpose, you need a deep frying pan, to which you should add about 100 ml of liquid.

If during stewing add kefir, mayonnaise or sour cream instead of water to the dish, the meat will become softer much faster. Moreover, these components will make it very juicy and fragrant.

In addition, you can add a little soda to the pan while stewing meat. Such a measure would make it softer, but you should take high-edged dishes for cooking. After all, due to the addition of soda, the broth will rapidly hiss and rise, so there is a risk that it will simply “run away” from the pan. Soda can be replaced by a small amount of sugar. He will also make the beef softer, but also give the meat a sweetish taste. If this does not interfere, you can use this method.

Experienced chefs offer to soften the beef cut it into portions and dip them in mustard. In half an hour you can cook a dish of meat. In this case, the beef will not only differ in tenderness, but also have an unusual flavor that many will surely like.