How to make an emo hairstyle?

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How to make an emo hairstyle?

Emo is a youth subculture that is characterized by heightened emotionality and sensitivity, as well as adherence to the music style of the same name. Representatives of emo subcultures have a specific dress code and hairstyles. You can easily recognize an emo kid not only by clothes, but also by oblique long bangs covering half a face, and by bright strands in dark hair.

If you like the emo style, then surely you have a question about how to make an emo hair style. It is not so easy to do it, but with a certain skill you can hit everyone with your creative emo hairstyle.

Emo hair styling

  • First you need to prepare the hair for the emo hairstyle. Hair should be healthy, shiny and well-groomed. Therefore, pay attention to your diet, take vitamins for hair, do not spoil the hair with a hair dryer, make special regenerating hair masks. When your hair is in good condition, you need to perform the appropriate haircut.
  • A haircut.For the emo style is characterized by asymmetric cascading haircut with long oblique bangs, which is combed to one side. Straight bangs below the brows are also possible. Hair at the back can be cut a little shorter than the front. Hair can be of different lengths, some prefer to cut their hair in tiers. Such haircuts are typical for both girls and boys. Girls don't have to cut their hair short - they can have long hair and long bangs.
  • Colour. Another feature of the emo hairstyle is its color. It is preferable to dye your hair in dark colors - but blue black looks no longer relevant. It is better to choose dark chestnut, dark chocolate, etc. Emo - blondes are no exception. The main rule - the hair should be bright. For this, for example, you can make a bright coloring with red, pink or blue strands. You can try to paint the strands at home - for this you need to apply paint and wrap in foil. Also popular is the classic combination of dark hair and light highlights. Looks stylishly staining of the roots or tips of the hair in a contrasting color.
  • How to make an emo hairstyle? Hair Styling.For styling in the style of emo you will need a variety of hair products: varnishes, foams for giving volume, gels or waxes, etc. Over time, you will pick up the tools that are right for you. Before styling, you need to make your hair perfectly straight - for this, many use a hot iron or a special tool - a hair straightener. Bangs should be smoothly combed; on the back of the head, on the contrary, the hair should be bulky and disheveled. If you have rather short hair, then apply a modeling foam or spray on the back of your head and add creative chaos to your hair. Girls can make bouffant on long hair, which looks very impressive. Fix the finished hair with lacquer.
  • Accessories. Emo kids use lots of cute hair accessories. To a greater degree, this is typical, of course, for girls, but young men sometimes also use simple stealth or hairpins. For the fair sex, the choice of hair accessories is incredibly wide: headbands, hair bands, bows, hairpins, decorative flowers: in a word, everything that can beautify a girl's head is used.

If it is still difficult for you to understand the emo mode, then on the Internet you will find a lot of materials on how to make an emo hairstyle: videos, photos, tips, recommendations, etc.Remember, however, that the main thing in the emo culture is individuality. Good luck!