How to make a trap for birds?

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How to make a trap for birds?

In case you need to catch a feathered creature, there are many ways to make a bird trap. Of course, you can buy ready-made in the store, but it’s enough just to make it yourself. This information is provided for your reference in case your favorite bird flies out of your cage or you need to take any measures to survive in difficult environmental conditions.

Bait cage

Here is one way. It is suitable for a more or less tamed bird, for example, a parrot or a canary that flew into the courtyard.

  • Take the bird cage and place it on the grass. The door must be open and positioned so that it looks at the sky.
  • Place a small saucer with grains or bread crumbs on top of the cage.
  • As soon as you see that the bird you need periodically flies up and eats from a plate, move it inside the cage, but do not close the door, but tie a long string to it and hold it at its other end to slam your trap at any moment. Move away from the cage as far as possible so that the bird is not scared.
  • As soon as the bird flies into the cage, sharply pull the string and the door closes.
  • Watch the cage carefully to close it at the right time. Once a bird is caught, you can release it elsewhere or take it back home.

Glue trap

To catch medium-sized birds, you can arrange them glue trap. To do this, take any grain plant (necessarily containing starch) and boil it until a thick sticky mass. The resulting glue should be spread on the branches of trees, often used by birds for roost. Sowing on such a glue mass, they quickly stick to it and cannot fly away. Viscous gruel also serves as a diversion as the birds begin to eat it and thus stay for a long time in one position.

Waterfishing trap

Another option for a simple and effective bird trap is to disguise yourself. This option is suitable if you need to catch a waterfowl. Take a large pumpkin and gut it. Cut a large hole in it to stick your head and a few small areas for inspection and breathing. Put the pumpkin on your head and enter the water, completely immersed in her body.For the birds to be prepared and not afraid - throw a few more pumpkins into the water. Now you can swim among the birds and choose your victim. Like a bird, grab the legs and drag it down. Get ready for the desperate resistance of animals.

With our ways you will have a wonderful bird trap. Videos on this topic can be easily found and viewed on the vast expanses of the Internet.

As you can see, making your own bird traps is not as difficult as it seemed at the beginning. If you still had to use one of our methods - be humane to animals and save their lives.