How to make a speedometer?

A speedometer is a device for measuring the speed of movement of a vehicle. In the case when your speedometer for any reason has become unusable, it is not necessary to go to the store and buy a new device. You can do it yourself! The main thing is to figure out how to make a speedometer, and feel free to get to work.

Types of speedometers

There are two types of speedometers:

  • mechanical
  • electronic.

As for the mechanical speedometer, the basis of its device is the rotation of the magnetic disk, which occurs due to the movement of the transmission. The aluminum coil due to the action of magnetic fields is carried away behind the disc, but it is held back by the return spring. The position of the arrows on the instrument board depends on the rigidity of this spring. But how to make a speedometer so that under such conditions it shows the exact values? The only answer is that it is practically impossible to do this, since it will be extremely difficult to get the right evidence. And even the factory speedometers have an error in measurements, which reaches 10%.But you can easily take any other broken speedometer, and use its arrow with a spring.

Then find out how to make an electronic speedometer. Since his error is much lower, and the parts necessary for manufacturing are easier to get, you can make it at home. At the heart of the electronic speedometer is measuring the number of pulses that come from the speed sensor. To make it you will need:

  • graphic display from an old cell phone;
  • LEDs for backlighting;
  • large capacitor;
  • microcontroller;
  • Voltage regulator;
  • low power resistors;
  • trimmer resistor;
  • quartz resonator.

All items can be easily purchased in the store or on the radio market. Now you need to learn the algorithm of action, how to make a speedometer with your own hands.

  1. First of all, you will need to develop it yourself or download a detailed scheme for building an electronic speedometer on the Internet. After that, it should be collected and soldered. And also check with the tester the quality of the connection of soldered parts.
  2. Then you will need to purchase a speed sensor and install it on the wheel or in a special mount on the gearbox of your vehicle.But, first it will be necessary to calculate the exact number of pulses per kilometer. To make this calculation it is necessary to measure the length of the wheel circumference: one turn means one sensor pulse. Then, based on the received data, you need to calculate the device parameter.
  3. Next, you need to make the firmware of the microcontroller and test the operation of the electronic speedometer. After that, the speedometer can be connected to the vehicle.
  4. When the installation is completed, you should check its performance. If problems are found in his work, simply reprogram the microcontroller or change the circuit.

Find a device diagram, as well as detailed tips on how to make the speedometer illuminated, and can be.