How to make a podium in the VAZ

You will need
  • - A sheet of A4 paper;
  • - compasses;
  • - A small sheet of plywood;
  • - drill and drill;
  • - hacksaw;
  • - polyurethane foam;
  • - putty knife;
  • - a knife.
Take an original sheet of paper and a compass and make a circle with a diameter of exactly 16 millimeters so that standard acoustics can suit the future.podium. After that, tape the fabricated template to a thick sheet of plywood. To makepodiumfor a car with pockets, make rings out of plywood for your speaker.
Then make a special bias of the ring so that the speakers can be located on different axes. If this is not provided, the sound from different speakers will be suppressed by each other. To ensure good sound, lower the upper edge of the ring by 4 centimeters, and raise the lower edge by 8 centimeters. Remove the trim from the door and try on the location of the futurepodiuma. Then start to assemble them into the design.
Drill small grooves for caps screws.This is done for aesthetic purposes. After you have assembled the parts and slightly attach the speaker to the manufactured ring, try on the design again to eliminate the detected errors in time. Check in this case the bolt that adjusts the drive cable and the door handle.
Prepare the mold for the ring and the speaker with foam. Initially, spray the surface of the plywood with water and squeeze some foam onto it. Those sawdust, which were formed during sawing, also moisten with water and mix with mounting foam with a spatula. Next, put the mixture on the structure and wait until it starts to dry.
PutpodiumS and form in a warm place and wait until the structure is completely dry. After this, cut with a knife the dried foam, which began to protrude beyond the edges, seal the holes formed during the cutting. Further sheathepodiumspecial material.