How to make a one-room one-bedroom

The reconstruction and redevelopment of the apartment will need to be coordinated, so study the conditions that must be fulfilled in order to obtain permission and then legalize the change in the layout of the apartment. The main requirements for redevelopment is to preserve the integrity of the load-bearing walls. In addition, living rooms can not be done without natural lighting or have non-residential over the living space and vice versa.
Contact the BTI and get information about the technical condition of the building in which the apartment is located. Draw a plan of your apartment in the dimensions specified in the project documentation for the house. If you wish, you can run it on your computer. Consider how you can use the extra space due to the displacement and destruction of partitions, reducing the size of non-residential and sanitary facilities.
Regardless of the layout of the apartment, the option of expanding the room at the expense of adjacent non-residential premises and moving the kitchen to this place is very convenient. In this case, in the room where the kitchen was, you can make a bedroom - the second room. But this option you agree only in the case when the combined kitchen will be installed electric stove. In addition, officially transfer the bedroom to the place where there was non-residential premises, you are entitled only if you live on the last floor. If this is not the case, in the project that will be submitted for formal approval, write instead of “Bedroom”, for example, “Storeroom”. And how it will be used in fact - your business.
Consider how the rooms will be located in order to live in an apartment was comfortable. So, for example, having partitioned off a part of the living room for a bedroom, you can close direct access to sanitary facilities directly from the bedroom. It is not always convenient if, for example, guests come to you.
In any case, you can not do without the advice of a specialist. Refer to the options for redevelopment that you pick up the architect.Let him verify compliance with the necessary conditions or recommend you a more suitable option. Perhaps, if the area of ​​the living room is large enough, the issue can be solved by installing plasterboard or false walls, for which coordination is not required.