How to make a label?

There are many joyful and long-awaited events in life, in preparation for which we create something with our own hands. So, for the wedding or anniversary, you can make a label on the champagne. You can come up with a drawing, which you can then order to print on clothes, for example - a gift for Valentine's Day. We offer step by step instructions on how to make a label.

Label making in Photoshop

With the help of all the well-known Photoshop software, you can accomplish the task with fantasy and originality. How to make a label in Photoshop - read below.

  • If you do not have a program on your computer, download it from any Internet site. Install it on your computer.
  • Find the graphical structure you need online. The options presented a lot - from the texture of cardboard or crumpled paper to landscapes.
  • We start creating a new document in Photoshop, where we download the downloaded texture. This texture should be simultaneously moved to a new image.
  • Create a label shape on a separate layer. Draw the outline of the form with the Pen Tool - pen. At the drawing stage, we temporarily make the layer invisible.
  • When the contour is ready, select and, if necessary, give it another name.
  • On the keyboard, click the U key and draw, with the Shift clamped at this time, a circle in the place of the label, where you can later cut it to fix the label to the product for a thread or ribbon.
  • Select the tool Direct Selection - Direct Selection and select the created contour.
  • After this procedure, drag it to the texture.
  • Choose Free Transform - a tool for free transformation.
  • Hold the key on the keyboard Shift and stretch the outline of the texture to the desired size.
  • Consider converting a contour into a selection. Also add a layer mask. After that, you need to go to the Layer Style - section of layer styles and set the following parameters:
    • Drop Shadow with Multiply blend mode
    • Inner Bevel Bevel and Emboss.
  • Create a new layer and select the Elliptical Marquee Tool from the toolbar.
  • Around the circle created earlier we create an elliptical selection.
  • Fill this selection with the appropriate color.
  • Now, as previously explained, it is necessary to change the layer blending mode. Choose Multiply.
  • After the change should reduce the transparency of the layer to 70%.
  • We start to refine the label. You can draw ropes using the Pen Tool and apply the Stroke option to them.
  • Just do not forget to write on the label any text or insert the logo, photo on the label for the bottle, which characterizes your products.

Just as to make a label on the bottle, you can create a label on any product, children's things. It is especially important for mothers who are preparing children for kindergarten and are faced with the problem of marking all the baby’s clothes. They can come up with a label on the clothes themselves with the child, and then order the necessary quantity in the studio. If you work in Photoshop for you, for various reasons, it is inconvenient, you can make the label online. Use, for example, to create your own mood. All the steps that you need to perform here will be prompted by the system itself.

Making labels using Microsoft Word

Work in this program is much simpler and clearer than in Photoshop and even for beginners.

  • Text type labels are created using a special menu in Microsoft - Tools - Envelopes and labels. When this path is selected, the Envelopes and Stickers window appears. We need to activate the Stickers tab.
  • Using the Print option, you can specify that this is either a Page with a series of identical labels, or a Single label (specified when the Line and Column options are selected).
  • To open the Sticker settings window, click on the Settings button.
  • We select the printer for printing and set the parameters for printing labels. We make changes to the Address - we print the necessary text, we send the document to print.

Ordering labels to professionals

There are many companies specializing in the design and manufacture of labels of varying complexity and for any reason. Appealing to them for help will relieve you from worries and save time for relaxing with your family. In addition, such professional labels look flawless and the quality of their production is much better than printing at home. All this will help to adequately prepare for a holiday or other event.