How to make the gate in Minecraft?

Elena Melnichenko
Elena Melnichenko
December 19, 2014
How to make the gate in Minecraft?

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How to make the gate in Minecraft?

If you are building or have built a house in Minecraft, then you need to take care of the fence with a good gate, because the presence of the fence gives a certain amount of peace and security for your life during construction and further dwelling in the open spaces of the game.

If you have a fence, you should consider how to make a gate in Minecraft.

Manufacturing and installation of gates

The gate in the game is an analogue of the doors, but with one difference: the gate is crafted a little differently, and they open a little differently than the door, not the usual stroke (LMB), and using a lever or redstone, pressure plates can also be used or buttons.

  1. For a start, we need a solid block, because only the gate can be put on it, otherwise the whole structure will collapse. In this case, suitable fence.
  2. For crafting the gate itself, we will need 2 boards and 4 sticks of any tree.Elements are arranged as follows: 2 sticks, 2 boards, 2 sticks.
  3. The gates (except for the fence) can be connected to the cobblestone wall or the hellish gates, but at the same time they are not compatible with the grid.

Jumping over the gate will not work, because they have the same height as the fence - 1.5 blocks.


  1. If the height of the fence is more than 2 blocks, then it is necessary to install double gates, that is, put one gate on top of the other.
  2. Gates can open in different directions, and villagers or zombies will not be able to open or hack them. This is how they differ from ordinary wooden doors.