How to make a fan

Each person realizes this idea in his own way, using various source materials. This article will consider one of the most easy to implement and simple constructions. In order not to bother with the problem of direct fan manufacture, I propose a simple option - to buy not a floor-mounted (in summer it is quite expensive), but a mortise exhaust fan, which is used for bathrooms, etc.
It is a practically ready-to-use product, which can only be fixed and dealt with with the method of its power supply. In my case, I used an old floor lamp as a bed. He removed the lampshade - as a result there was a vertical pipe, fixed on a wide support, ensuring the stability of the structure. To fasten the fan to the pipe, a special clamp was made on the basis of a PVC pipe clamp with a screw, allowing the fan to be moved vertically. For lazy people, an ordinary scotch can also be used, tying the motor to the support.With power it turned out to be even simpler - I connected a conventional wire with a plug and a switch from a broken desk lamp to the terminals. As a result, a simple and reliable design is ready, which is not necessarily every time to disconnect from the outlet of the industrial network (220V).
In principle, it is not necessary to stop there. You can experiment with exhaust fans of various capacities. Looking at such tricks, one of my friends made a whole fan bed for themselves, dividing the motors with switches in order to adjust the blowing force of their room depending on the heat.