How to make a corner of the ceiling plinth?

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How to make a corner of the ceiling plinth?

Repair completed. The room was transformed, and the walls and ceiling began to play with new colors. However, to the feeling of complete satisfaction, as if something is missing - the final touch, which will complete the whole picture of the repair. Such a final gesture could be the installation of ceiling plinth - fillets. This finishing material well hides all defects at the junction of the ceiling and walls, looks great, and its installation can be done easily with your own hands. But if the installation of fillets on straight sections will not cause any difficulties, then docking in the corners will require certain knowledge and skill.

Corner Baseboard Installation Tips

As practice shows, the installation of ceiling fillets is best to start from the corners. Having stuck them in such places at once, all that remains is to add straight sections, which will greatly simplify the overall task. To join the corner elements, the ends of the fillets must be cut in a certain way.In those rare apartments, where all areas of the premises are even for trimming, a special device is used - the block, and how to do it with it can be found in the article: How to cut the ceiling plinth. If the walls and corners of the room are far from ideal, then it is better to use the method of marking.

Corners on skirtings using markup

  • When joining both internal and external corners, it is first necessary, precisely at 90 °, to cut off the ends of the baseboards for future marking.
  • Then, the evenly cut skirting board is tightly applied to the place of future installation and the line of its junction is drawn on the ceiling.
  • The same is done, on the other hand, and is also marked by a trait.
  • The place where the lines intersect must be marked on the side edges of both baseboards attached to the ceiling.
  • Then, from the front side of the baseboard, a cut is made from this mark to the opposite corner.
  • A similar operation is carried out with the second piece, after which the baseboards are glued in place.

The marking and cutting under the outer corner are made in an identical manner. Only in this case, the intersection point is the corner of the wall itself and on it you will need to put a mark on the lower edge of the plinth for the future cut.