How to make a Christmas wreath?

How to make a Christmas wreath?As usual, we begin to remember the decoration of the house for the New Year and Christmas only when the holiday is already knocking on the door. At the same time, I want something original and unique - and not to spend a lot of money and effort on festive decorations. In the West, there is a whole culture of decorating our homes for Christmas, and we gladly adopt it - more often you can find beautiful Christmas wreaths on the doors of houses that create a fabulous atmosphere and make it clear that people who love their home live here! Well, let's try to make a Christmas wreath with our own hands - it's not at all as difficult as it may seem.

To work you need:

  1. Basis for a wreath - best of straw
  2. Floral thread - green, you can use a durable silk thread
  3. The branches of conifers, berries, unusual leaves - all you can get it, if it's beautiful
  4. Wide ribbon - can be satin, color - which one you like best.

Remember that plants should not be brittle, easily break, besides, they will have to stay a few days without water - it is better to choose those that do not fade and do not turn yellow in a couple of days. The same applies to berries. Choose the most lush branches - so that you can not see the flower thread through them.

Let's start! Detailed instructions with a photo on making a Christmas wreath with your own hands:

  1. Prepare branches and foliage - cut them into pieces, so that it would be more convenient to fasten them to the base. For the base with a diameter of 30 cm, the branches should be about 15 cm long. Wrap the base with a flower thread and fasten well:
    Cook branches and foliage
  2. Take the first branch and press it to the base, wind the thread, passing it through all the leaves, so that the thread is not so visible and better fixes the greens. If the leaves and branches are not too curvy, you can take just a couple of pieces.
    Take the first branch and press to the base.
  3. Continue in the same spirit - one or two twigs, alternating leaves with needles, flowers with berries, apply to the base and tightly wrap the thread. Do not forget about the inner side of the wreath and the outer edge - you can not touch the reverse side, nobody will see it anyway. When you have the whole base covered with greens, make sure that the straw is not visible, and the floral thread also does not stick anywhere - and at the same time the branches are well fixed.If everything is in order, secure the thread and carefully cut it.
    Continue in the same spirit
  4. Done! Now you can wrap a wreath at the top with a satin ribbon and decorate the door with it, or, for example, a mirror in the hallway.

    Now a satin ribbon can be wrapped around the wreath on top.

Such a Christmas wreath, as it turned out, is not difficult to do with your own hands, but how interesting and original it looks! In our country, this tradition has not yet gained such popularity as in the West, because it is a great way to surprise loved ones who have been invited to your home for a holiday - besides, a Christmas wreath made with your own hands can be an excellent gift for friends and relatives. As we can see, no special efforts are needed - only a little patience, free time and a desire to create a little Christmas miracle!