How to make a basket?

Daria Kudrina
Daria Kudrina
February 18, 2013
How to make a basket?

Gathering for any celebration, buying a gift is still half the trouble. It is also important to think about how to pack it beautifully. Gift paper, bags - all this, of course, is very good, but sometimes you want to pack a gift with your own hands, in an original way. For example, put it in a wicker basket that can be decorated with your own hands. And how to make a basket?

How to decorate the basket

There are lots of ways. For example, friends - sweets will like a basket decorated with sweets in a beautiful package. Attach them to the weaving can be with wire or glue. And girls will definitely be happy to have a basket with fresh flowers woven into it. It will look very nice basket, literally decorated by the fact that came to hand - ribbons, beads, sparkles and other cute baubles.

The solution to the problem - how to decorate a basket, can be found in ordinary corrugated paper - it will cost quite little and look very beautiful.How to make a gift basket with corrugated paper:

  • A strip is cut from a roll of paper, a little bit wider than the depth of the basket.
  • Turn around the basket and leave a small allowance, which is fastened from the inside with a conventional stapler.
  • The resulting ring is put on top of the basket.
  • The upper part of the ring is turned inside out for beauty.

Done! It remains only to decorate the basket at your discretion and put gifts in it - these can be as trinkets - for example, candy or souvenirs, as well as serious gifts, and maybe even fresh flowers.

If your basket has a tapered shape, then the ring will crawl. It will be very easy to cope with it - you need to remove the paper and tie it up with something beautiful, for example, a satin ribbon. You can also decorate the basket handle with a ribbon by making a beautiful bow on it.

How to decorate a basket for a wedding with your own hands

With wedding baskets, things are the same as with simple ones - anything can be used to decorate them. Restrictions will be only in colors - it is better to take white, or gentle pastel colors. Very nice and neat will look like a basket for this instruction.You will need:

  • ready basket;
  • lace;
  • the cloth;
  • beads to match;
  • satin ribbon;
  • glue.

The inside of the basket is draped with a cloth that is neatly glued to the bottom of the basket. The handle is tightly wrapped with a satin ribbon, and elegant bows are tied at its base. Along the edges of the basket is glued or sewn lace, which can be decorated with rhinestones or beads. That's it, the decorative basket is ready!

There is absolutely nothing difficult in how to make a gift basket. It is enough to stock up on the necessary materials, to show a little imagination and do everything with the soul. Your basket will become not only a beautiful gift box, but also an independent element of decor.