How to make a bouquet on the first of September with their own hands - photo

How to make a bouquet on the first of September

How to make a bouquet on the first of September

“First Call” is a responsible event, both for children and their parents. Especially carefully prepare for September 1, families in which children go to the first class.


When preparing for the first solemn line, you need to take into account all the nuances that concern not only the choice of school attire. In our article we will talk about making a festive bouquet on September 1 with your own hands.


Naturally, there is nothing easier than buying a bouquet in a regular florist shop. And if you adhere to the personal opinion of this, then give the right to choose a bouquet to the child.


And yet, do not buy very expensive bouquets of lilies or scarlet roses, because they can still be lost in the variety of other flowers. If you do not want this to happen, then you just need to make a bouquet on the first of September with your own hands.


The choice of flowers for a bouquet


Almost all autumn flowers are suitable for gift school bouquets. But experts still recommend giving preference to flowers of rounded form, namely chamomiles, chrysanthemums, asters, gerberas, dahlias, zinnias and other their brethren.


Most importantly, give up the gladioli familiar on September 1, since their flower shape is not particularly suitable for this type of event. Moreover, on the way to school, the baby can simply accidentally break high gladiolus, and, of course, the bouquet will be spoiled.


Making a bouquet by the first of September: features


Now directly turn to the process of drawing up a bouquet. After you or your child has chosen flowers for the composition, you can start making the bouquet yourself. If the flowers are of the same type, they must first be cut to the same length. If the child preferred plants of different varieties, then there is nothing to worry about if their length is different.


How to make a bouquet on the first of September


When composing a bouquet on the first of September from different colors it is important to think about their arrangement in the composition. Large flowers should be given a smaller length and must be placed in the foreground of the composition. Small flowers should be longer, and they are always placed in the background of the bouquet.After you cope with the task of placing flowers in a bouquet, you can proceed to decorating your creation.


Bouquet decoration on the first of September


For decorating the bouquet can be suitable any decorative vegetation from your garden plot. For example, bright green leaves of aspidistra are an excellent option — these leaves are very similar in shape to the leaves of the lily of the valley, although several times larger than them. Also for the bouquet, you can use leaves of decorative sedge, fern, gypsophila or fancy fitters.


How to make a bouquet on the first of September


Another important point - the decoration should always be placed in the center or along the edges of a festive bouquet. The final stage of bouquet making is placing it in a special decorative package, although you can do without it.


Here, too, we note that the packaging can be done with your own hands, or you can buy ready-made in a flower shop. There is no particular difference, because the main thing is that the package should be in harmony with the whole flower arrangement, and not stand out with a bright spot. Moreover, the bouquet itself should be combined with the classmate’s clothing style.