How to lose weight with the help of dance?

Nowadays, to follow your figure and look slim - this is a popular and fashionable movement that literally flooded the minds of most individuals of the fair sex. Once in favor were ladies of rather magnificent forms, and today - smart and pumped up figure skaters, who do not hesitate to once again wear a short dress or shorts.

If you feel that the extra folds on your stomach are no longer even straightening out when you are standing, and the extra volumes in your hips have stopped allowing you to wear your favorite jeans, then it’s time to think about how to correct the situation and lose weight urgently. But how?

Trains the body

Strongest diet and grueling workouts in the gym? Monotone abdominal exercises and legs? It may seem to many that all this is boring and difficult, and after all, in order for the process of losing weight to be given simply and proceed as actively as possible, sports should definitely be fun - this is a prerequisite.

After all, as you know, it is a good mood that improves the functioning of the body’s metabolic functions, which primarily affect the dropping of extra pounds.There is an alternative way for quick weight loss - this is dancing! A beautiful and sophisticated method that is best suited for those to whom all other methods seem boring and monotonous.

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A huge plus of such trainings is that they do not require special equipment, even without a hall, in fact, you can do, the main thing is to have the desire and favorite incendiary music. To date, there is a huge variety of dance styles, each of them will contribute to weight loss.

Depending on the chosen direction, you need to find yourself a coach or a suitable group, collective exercises, as you know, motivate well, make you want to move on and, of course, contribute to finding new friends!

What do we need to start classes?

For some reason, many ladies are confident that dancing is a complex science for which it is necessary to have certain abilities. This is the stupidest delusion you can think of!

Dancing is never too late to learn, the most important thing is to have a burning desire to achieve something, and everything else is attached to it.After you have acquired a powerful motivation, decide on the direction that you like the most.


The thing is that for untrained women, some difficult and, not too active, directions may seem impracticable: the state of health will only worsen, and to enjoy pleasure from incomprehensible and unbearable workouts is almost impossible.

It is recommended to start with simple and understandable movements, which will gradually become more complex and progressive. By the way, for those who do not have the opportunity to attend classes in a group, they can study at home; for this, it is enough to purchase a self-instruction manual in which all movements are described in detail, as well as recommendations for their implementation.

The best option is, of course, video tutorials, of which thousands have already accumulated on the Internet, with absolutely free access.

Take care of comfortable clothing for dancing: it should not hold down movements, preferably from natural materials that are well breathable. The same applies to shoes - comfortable and high-quality, depending on the type of dance, it can be sneakers, shoes or even shoes.

In order for the dance classes to be really effective and help you to say goodbye to the extra centimeters, it is important to practice at least 1-2 hours 2-3 times a week. It is better to choose morning or afternoon workouts, because it is at this time that the processes of metabolism and metabolism in the body accelerate, and, therefore, the process of losing weight also accelerates.

It is very important to remember that physical activities, in any form, are, of course, good, but without proper nutrition and drinking regime, achieving results will be very difficult. On the day you need to drink at least 2 liters of clean water.

As for nutrition, then the regime is important: you need to eat 1-2 times before training, after it is important to wait 1-2, and only then to refresh yourself. As for the menu itself, it must necessarily contain easily digestible carbohydrate and protein foods, which will be well spent during active movements.

Which direction to choose?

Zumba is modern and always fun!

This type of dance has come to us from Colombia and, recently, is gaining high popularity balls. Zumba is great for everyone - there is no need to memorize complex movements and “pa”, the whole dance consists of simple but fun choreography.

It's fun

This cardio workout perfectly pumps muscles, strengthens the heart muscle and, of course, promotes rapid burning of calories. All movements are somewhat similar to Latin American dances, but, despite the fact that in the original they are quite complex, zumba is great for beginners and even those who have never encountered dancing.

Oriental tales - belly dance

Today, belly dancing is one of the most popular types of dancing among women. And it is absolutely not surprising, because the mysterious and alluring movements of oriental dances are effective not only for physical health, but they help, as long as possible, to preserve the youth and beauty of the female body.

During this dance, women themselves change too - from where does grace and sensuality arise, attractiveness arises, and, importantly, self-reliance. Some ladies, looking at the world gurus of oriental dances, are perplexed, because they often have magnificent forms and, even sometimes, a small tummy! So maybe eastern dancing does not help to lose weight?

Eastern dance

The simple fact is that in the East, "juicy" women are more appreciated, and a small tummy, in their opinion, allows better show all the subtleties of the dance.And the loads that you experience during workouts help to burn calories and tighten the belly and waist. By the way, strip-plastic, which is aimed at performing similar tasks, is no less interested in this direction.

Irish dance

For those ladies who have problem zones located in the pelvic and foot area, Irish dances can be practiced, where steppe types are actively practiced. Such training perfectly strengthens the legs, eliminates cellulite and forms a beautiful shape of the buttocks, and thanks to intensive and fast movements, extra calories dissolve like last year’s snow.

Irish dances

As you can see, dancing is a wonderful kind of physical activity, which has a huge number of advantages compared to regular sports. Choose what you like, and forward to a new life with a beautiful body!

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