How to learn to quickly assemble

You will need
  • - a pen;
  • - notebook;
  • - clock with timer
Prepare in advance. If you are often late for work, because you are looking for one thing in the morning, then another thing, it will be useful for you to spend part of the fees the night before. Collect everything you might need in the morning. Put in your purse, keys, phone and documents. Look at the weather forecast and estimate what you will wear in the morning. If necessary, prepare an umbrella. If you think over your image every day for the day, it is not surprising that it is difficult for you to keep within the allotted time. You can also plan the menu for the morning and put everything for breakfast in a prominent place.
Perform the necessary charge points first. If time is catastrophically short, quickly think about what you just need to do and which items you can skip. For example, in view of urgency, you can replace the procedure of shampooing with the use of dry shampoo and take a quick shower, without wasting time on drying the hair.If you can have breakfast at work or on the way, take advantage of this. Women can simplify the procedure of makeup to a minimum, paying attention to the tone for the face and highlighting the eyelashes.
Make a plan in advance. If you find it difficult to concentrate before going out and remember what you need to do and take with you, write down everything in advance on a piece of paper and consult the list. So you will not forget to feed the fish, take a lunch with you and will not guess when you leave the house whether you turned off the iron and left nothing on the stove.
Set the timer. To act quickly, fit into the schedule, give each item of fees a certain number of minutes. Calculate the time in advance so as not to be late, and set yourself a timer. For example, if you have 15 minutes to shower, set the alarm for a quarter of an hour and after this time, round off as a matter of urgency. This is especially true for those people who love to stand in thought at the window, linger at the TV or long spin in front of a mirror.
Cheer up. It may be difficult for you to be in time because you are slow. Of course, this, above all, concerns the morning fees.First, finally wake up, and then hurry to work. Do exercises, take a douche, drink a glass of orange juice, a cup of coffee or green tea. You will get a boost of energy and will think faster and move.
Do not be distructed. Turn off the TV and radio. Do not come to the computer until you are thinking. Check your mail and track the appearance of new photos of your friends on social networks, you can then, if you have free time before leaving. Do not waste precious minutes, be collected.