How to learn levitation?

People have long been interested in the topic of levitation. Thanks to the desire to fly, we were so surprised and admired tricks where an illusionist makes an assistant soar above the ground. But as we know, any surprising phenomenon is often explained very easily, including the secret of the focus with levitation. Is it really that simple? Let's take a closer look at what kind of levitation is like and open some of its secrets.

  • Levitation as a trick. As we have said, the dexterity of the hands of an illusionist works wonders, and we see what we are inspired. Although no professional is in a hurry to uncover the secret, levitation is done with the help of an invisible viewer. Many have seen a photo of the crane, floating in the air from which water flows. Everyone guesses what the secret is, but this does not make the spectacle less vivid;
  • Photomontage. It is also a kind of illusion of levitation. There is no point in talking about him a lot, because the usual jump in the photo can also be passed off as levitation;
  • Yoga and levitation. It's all much more complicated, because there is a video of how the brahmans and yogis hover in the lotus position above the ground. Often the video - this is just another illusion.However, in the Eastern literature, this phenomenon is described as an acquired human ability. Everyone can learn levitation. It is only necessary to clear your mind of unnecessary thoughts and develop skills.

Levitation: fiction or reality

Previously, scientists at the mention of such a hovering in the air, only smiled skeptically. However, after the magnetic-cushioned rail line entered service, skepticism began to evaporate. The mentioned train can develop greater speed than the traditional one due to the absence of friction. Physical levitation using the power of Archimedes or powerful sound (as for light objects) is a science. That is, from the point of view of science, levitation is possible. This has been proven in experiments with frogs, drops, tennis balls, etc. But what about the practice of yoga? How to learn levitation without a scientific approach?

Soaring in the air

In fact, in meditative practices, levitation is called only the result of spiritual growth. You could say "side effect." Without personal development, such practice is simply impossible. Another condition - the belief in their own strength. You must be sure that you can overcome the force of gravity of the earth as easily as you learned to ride a bicycle.So did Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, a physicist who in the twentieth century developed a whole theory of how to do levitation.

There are a lot of people who are sincerely convinced that to overcome the force of gravity. One of them is Helen Masdell. She led the center of personal development and for many years tried to master the science of flight. Mainly, jumping from a springboard into the water. Helen Masdell argued that during the jump it was necessary to concentrate and keep the body in the air as long as possible. It is known that she herself has achieved dubious results. Perhaps the whole thing in the original goal. After the development center mentioned above, many schools were opened, where the main goal was levitation, which was taught through practice and meditation. But whether any of their students could fly is not known for certain.

Levitation in antiquity

Of course, there are many skeptics who consider levitation to be an invention, but few people today can explain how the ancient Egyptians moved boulders to build pyramids. One of the theories is levitation. One Arab historian described the process as follows: papyrus was placed under the stone, and then it was touched with a metal rod, after which the stone was moved 50 meters.Perhaps all this is the fruit of the rich imagination of the historian, and perhaps the Egyptians for many centuries, from generation to generation passed the secret of such levitation.

But the European, Professor Jarl, in his book described the construction of the wall by Tibetan monks sound. According to him, with the help of six pipes and twelve drums, an unbearably shrill sound was created, thanks to which huge boulders rose into the air. To believe or not to believe in such phenomena is a personal matter. However, there are as many skeptics as there are those who will sincerely believe that there is a spell of levitation (as in the Harry Potter film), having uttered that, we can move objects. Now you know a lot of information on this topic. We hope she helped you.