How to lay timber

You will need
  • - Bar;
  • - pins;
  • - installation tools;
  • - seal.
Choose a quality timber. It is better not to look for the cheapest material, as in this case you risk getting into a marriage. Each log should be reviewed separately, since in the future you will save yourself both time and money.
Determine the characteristics of the timber that you are going to buy. Pay special attention to well-marked wood veins. Their position tells how the timber will change in the future after it dries. A very important factor is evenness at the moment. This means that you need to carefully look at how smooth the material is in front of you. It can be quite difficult because all the timber is not sold separately, and the whole set will take some time.
Choose one of the two main ways of laying timber - "in the flash" and "in the paw." Both options were invented long ago. The traditional way is to “splash” - with it, the edges of the timber are turned over the butt end of the structure, and this makes the method very popular because it gives the structure a traditional flavor.But when laying in the "oblo" there are certain limitations for the subsequent decoration of the house. Therefore, when finishing for greater convenience, the “paw” method is more often used, when at the ends of the structure the beam is connected flush so as not to protrude beyond the edges of the building. This provides a convenient and simple opportunity to sheathe the house with anything after laying. For example, you can sheathe normal vgonkoy or siding. Often this method is used for subsequent additional warming of the structure.
Start laying the very bottom of the beam. Install a binding ring and join at the corners. This step is performed regardless of the chosen type of installation. After completing the work on the first crown, fasten it with the nails, lay the seal on top and proceed with the laying of the second crown, regardless of the method that suits you most - “to the flash” or “to the paw”.