How to knit rachi pitch?

Alena Anisimova
Alena Anisimova
January 24, 2013
How to knit rachi pitch?

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How to knit rachi pitch?

If you are passionate about knitting and are interested in everything that can be knitted or crocheted, then you will probably be interested to learn about the way the knitting step is, how to knit, and what it is typical of. This method of knitting has other names, such as "sharpened noose" or "rachy move". He owes his name to the fact that they knit it from left to right (it turns out such a backward step).

The use of technology "pitch"

Usually, the “pitch” step is used to give the related product a finished look, as well as fix the edges of the product. Such strapping is usually used to tie up the neckline, the jacket side, the edges of the sleeves. Tying the bottom of the product in this way, you not only decorate them, but also do not allow the product to curl. The “rachy step” perfectly preserves the shape.

"Step" step is used to tie up the edges of the canvas, used for sewing skirts with ruffles, to connect the blouse with a yoke and for the halves of the sleeves (along the central seam).A “step to step” is also needed for making knitted toys, such as glove dolls, for example. With it, tied handles and bottom dolls. Cloths that are crocheted, knitting or knitting machine, also treated with "crawfish step" to give them a complete look.

How to crochet pitch

The pitch “pitch” is done quite simply:

  • Strapping is carried out from left to right. We tie crochets with crochets and nakid. We tie a new thread.
  • Use the hook to pull the loop. And from it should pull another air loop.
  • At the edge of the product we hold the hook under the loop, we catch the thread with it and pass it through the loops that have formed.
  • Then again we thread the hook into the next loop (on the edge of the product) and pull the thread. We pull it through the two loops that are left on your hook.
  • We continue knitting until the edge is tied to the end.

So we figured out how to knit a rachy step. The technique of its implementation is absolutely not difficult. If you master it, then it will become for you an indispensable assistant in knitting. Perhaps for some, not all moments have become clear about the way the pitch takes.How to knit (video can be found on the Internet) more clearly demonstrate the video.