How to save flowers?

Flowers in pots and bouquets delight the beauty of its owner. That is why everyone wants to extend it. Of course, the flowers in the pots are less whimsical, because they only need regular watering. However, during the holidays to produce its owners fails and here you need to use a number of tips. They will allow you to keep the soil moist for a long time. Then how to keep the flowers in a vase will help other recommendations. All of them are given below.

How to keep flowers on vacation

To keep fresh flowers while on vacation, you need to take care of their constant moisture. The following tools will help:

  1. Devices for automatic irrigation. Now in flower shops it is easy to get any. These devices consist of a glass flask, where water is poured, and a ceramic cone, it falls directly into the ground. Connects these two elements of the design tube. It is through it that a drop of water passes, which subsequently enters the pot. As a result, flowers remain moist for a long time.
  2. Special pallets. They are also designed for automatic watering. They consist of two pallets at once. Water is poured into the first (external) container, and the second (internal) is inserted into it. She is then lined with a special mat that comes with pallets. Plants are put on it. After that, the mat begins to gradually draw water from the tank with water, and then give it to the indoor flowers.
  3. If you do not want to buy equipment and pallets for automatic watering, then it is recommended to remove plants from window sills before leaving, as this will minimize the consumption of moisture. Then cut off all the buds and flowers, be sure to thin out the foliage. Then take a large basin, at its bottom pour a layer of wet clay (5-7 cm) and cover with a few centimeters of water. This design will allow plants to hold out for about 2 weeks.

How to save cut flowers

If you are interested in information on how to keep flowers fresh in a bouquet longer, then you should read these tips:

  1. Remove all lower leaves from the stems. If you have roses, then cut the thorns.This should be done in order to reduce the consumption of moisture, as well as to prevent the rapid development of bacteria in the water, which can provoke the process of rotting of the stems and the rapid wilting of the buds.
  2. Take a pruner or scissors, pour the necessary amount of water into a vase, and then cut each end of the flower diagonally. Please note that it is required to do this directly in the liquid, after that the plant cannot be removed from it, otherwise the vessels will be blocked with air bubbles, and this will lead to dehydration and rapid wilt.
  3. To enhance the absorption of moisture in chrysanthemums and roses, as well as extend the freshness of cut flowers, it is recommended to split the end of the stem into several centimeters and put a small piece of match into it. If you have callas, tulips or daffodils, then the lower part of the stem must be pierced several times with a pin or needle.
  4. Please note that some cut flowers may start to produce milky sap. Such a process inexorably leads to the rapid withering of the buds. To stop it, you need to lower the end of the stem a few centimeters into boiling water or burn it over a fire.
  5. Be sure to add to the water certain ingredients that prolong the life of bouquets. So, the prepared liquid in a vase for chrysanthemums, carnations or roses requires a little sweetener. Use regular sugar for this. Tulips and irises perfectly respond to aspirin. A quarter pill of this medicine will keep the bouquet fresh for several weeks. Dahlias are better to add a few drops of vinegar in a vase, and asters - 1 teaspoon of alcohol to 1 liter of water.
  6. In the water of the bouquet be sure to put a small piece of charcoal. After all, it perfectly disinfects the liquid, and will also prevent the fast rotting of the stems. If you do not find coal, then put a silver coin in a vase.
  7. Put cut flowers only in the place where there are no drafts and direct sunlight.

Please note that in the flower shops you can find special preparations (“Bud”, “Chrysal”, “Vitant” and others) designed to preserve cut flowers for a long time. They include active and disinfecting components, which allow to preserve the freshness of the buds up to 25 days.