How to join the party?

Very often people think about how to join a party. But do they ask the question "Why?". It is this question that must be put before you first. If even after a similar question you still want to join the party, then try to draw attention to the ideology of the chosen party. It is obvious that it is necessary to join a party where ideology corresponds to your priorities and views. You have already decided on the goals that you set for yourself and, perhaps, even found the party you want to join, but how to do it? For example, how to join the party of Prokhorov? We will give the answer to this question in our article.

How to join the Party of Regions

As you know, any citizen of the country who has a voice in elections and recognizes the party’s charter has the right to become a party member.

You can join the Party of Regions on a voluntary basis. To do this, you should find and contact the local party organization or the public reception party. In order to apply for entry into the party, it will be necessary to issue a written statement with two photos and transfer it to the local reception office or organization of the Party.It is necessary to submit documents at the place of residence.

The decision on admission to the party will be made by the highest or governing bodies.

Party membership is confirmed by a party ticket. At the same time it is possible to stay only in one party.

How to join the party of the Communist Party

Now we consider the instructions on how to join the party, for example, the Communist Party.

Of course, in order to join the Communist Party, you need to be an adult citizen of the Russian Federation. You should be well aware of and recognize the statutes of the party and uphold the communist ideals. The process of admission to the party itself is rather trivial:

  1. First of all, you should contact the party branch office in the territory of the Russian Federation. Choose a branch in the city where you live.
  2. In order to become a full-fledged member of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, you will need to regularly take part in party events, as well as take and carry out various assignments.
  3. To begin, you'll be in the team "primary". In order to achieve success in the party, you will need to conduct active work, defend the goals and values ​​of the party. Often the period of familiarization with the party lasts 2-3 months.
  4. Next, you will receive a letter of recommendation from two communists (the experience of each of them should be more than a year).
  5. At the next party meeting, your candidacy is considered. Afterwards, with the successful development of events, you become a full-fledged communist with all the rights and privileges.
  6. You will receive a party ticket only after the district committee of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation approves your admission to the party. The handing out of a party ticket very often takes place in a festive atmosphere, on holidays or at various events from the party.

We considered the process of entering into two different parties. You probably noticed that, regardless of the party, the process of admission is quite similar. If you want to know how to join the Liberal Democratic Party, it is enough to go to the official party website, find out the address of the party branch in your city and apply there. The United Russia party is no different than how to join it, you also already know if you have read all of the above. In order to speed up this process, we give the addresses of the official websites for the previously mentioned parties:

Now you know how to join any party. Successes in politics!